PUR Love Your Selfie 2 Review

I think this is the longest I’ve been eyeing up a make up product.

If I remember rightly, this item was on my Christmas list in 2016! I never received it and kind of forgot about for a while. However, with 2017’s Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, I revisited this lovely face/travel palette. Look Fantastic were having a 15% off day and as it had been a while since they angered my with their mishandling of my sub box cancellation, I decided to give them another whirl.

The next day, it arrived!

The first thing to say about this is it’s absolutely huge! If you have your eye on this as a sleek travel palette, this may not be for you. The palette is made of thick cardboard with metallic lettering and glittery accents. The lettering had already started wearing off slightly, so I don’t think it would stand up to a lot of use/throwing in travel bags. There’s also small amounts of black ribbon used as handles to open it up and get out products. 

Inside the palette is black, with a large mirror in the top.

With 14 products inside, there is a lot packed in here:
Mini Fully Charged Mascara
Matte Lip Pencil in Focal Point
Lip Gloss in Silhouette
8x Eyeshadows
Setting Powder

When it comes to a full face, it’s really only missing a blush.

Due to the products it has to fit in, the palette is really deep. This means that you can’t really get an idea of how long the powders will last by looking at them. In terms of weight, the eyeshadows are 1g (which compared to other face palettes I own is pretty good) and the face powders are 2.2g.

I don’t particularly like the construction of this palette. The cardboard will probably get quite tatty quite quickly. Inside the cavities for the products as well you can just see layers of cardboard which don’t look nice at all. As you would imagine with all that cardboard, it’s also pretty heavy.

Inside the palette – eyeshadows

The range of colours in this palette is probably the best I’ve seen in a face palette in terms of making the palette versatile. The colours along the top row are perfect for day time and are some great neutrals. Those along the bottom are a bit bolder and look great on an evening. Despite the comments about the practicality of taking this away with you, at least you wouldn’t need to take any other shadows too.

The shadows themselves are pretty easy to work with. Once you’ve taken off the top layer they’re very soft and easy to pick up a lot of colour of your brush. I was expecting a high amount of fallout due to this but no issues so far. I’ve been using this with the my trusty Urban Decay Eye Potion and the colour pay off has been fantastic. You can do a subtle sweep with these colours or very easily build up for a strong pop of colour. The only exception to this is Statuesque. It seems like a completely different formula to the rest and it’s a real struggle to get any colour at all. As you can see in the below swatches – left is the top row and right is the bottom. Paparazzi is a colour to watch out for – you really don’t need a lot on your brush.

Unfortunately the wear time is what lets this formula down. Even with primer, I can’t get a full day out of this and the crease that comes early afternoon is pretty bad. It’s so disappointing as the colours (sketch being my favourite) are really nice to use and wear. On the basis of this, I won’t be picking up anymore PUR eyeshadows anytime soon.

Inside the palette – powders

So far the only powder that’s got any use is the highlight. I don’t really use a setting powder (I haven’t attempted baking yet but I’m planning to at some point) and I never wear bronzer. I have really liked the highlight so far though. It doesn’t take much powder to give myself a nice glow with this. It also lasts throughout the day. I think if the palette did contain a blush I’d be similarly happy with it. At 2.2g these are a good size for palette powders and coupled with the quality I’m pretty happy.

Top to bottom: highlight, bronzer and setting powder. These are all super soft and really don’t need much to get that level of colour. The bronzer is definitely one to watch out for. I can imagine it being really easy to get way too much colour on your face given how soft it is.

Inside the palette – the other products

I’ve lumped the other three items together. One I haven’t used – the mascara – because I’m saving it to actually take on holiday but I have used the other two.

At first I thought it a little strange to pop two different lip products in here, until I tried them. Like with the eyeshadows, they’ve got me covered from day to night. The gloss is a super easy to apply splash of colour and the pencil is a dark, dramatic night time shade. I’m not normally a lip gloss fan and haven’t used one in years before this. However, this gloss has a nice colour pay off and doesn’t have any of that annoying stickyness that put me off glosses in the first place. The lip pencil very much reminded me of my Lord & Berry one, though it sadly didn’t last as long. It’s a dark plum shade that only takes one layer to look great. Like the gloss, it’s also very easy to apply.

These will both probably make their way out of the palette at some point, and into my everyday make up storage. The lipgloss is my new favourite lip product for work.

Overall thoughts?

The selection of products in the palette is fantastic. If it just included a blush it would be perfect in that sense. At just £34 it’s also really good value for the amount of products you get in here.

I am going to take it travelling with me and I’ll be intrigued to see how it holds up (and how much it weighs down my luggage!). You can see from some of the pictures posted above how quickly the packaging has tarnished from after only a few uses though. I can’t imagine it holding up through me panning this at all. The real disappointment with this palette in terms of product though is the quality of the eyeshadows. Application and colour were spot on and then it was just let down by how long it lasted. It’s such a shame. At this point I do need to note that I have oily lids. Therefore if you don’t have that problem, with some eye primer you may find these eyeshadows last the day on you. Sadly for me though, I’ll be avoiding PUR eye products and palettes in future. 

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