The 5 Minute Face

While my skin is improving with my current regime, I still don’t tend to go out without any make up

I don’t however want to be putting on a full face of make up just to nip out to breakfast or something though. Instead of falling down the Glossier rabbit hole and purchasing a load of ‘no make up make up’ I raided my stash to put together a quick and simple ‘day off’ look.


BB Creams are perfect for these kind of days. As I use this Tosowoong BB Cream as a make up primer the start of my routine is no different from a full make up day. This BB Cream has great colour, coverage and lasts throughout the day. Most BB Creams and tinted moisturisers that I’ve used get very greasy and wear off throughout the day. This is the only one that has bucked that trend.

This is usually more than enough coverage for nipping out to the shops but if I need a little boost, I use the L’Oreal Foundation Stick that I reviewed recently.

The palette

Naturally I needed a palette here. I’ve spoken before of my love for all in one palettes and using one for this takes the number of items down substantially. The one I’ve picked for this look is the YSL Dazzling Lights. 

The two in one highlighter and blush is perfect for a quick make up look and the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is an ideal applicator for it. For just a quick daytime look I do avoid the dark blue eyeshadow colour but the yellow to the left is lovely for a quick pop of colour. As I don’t always use concealer under the eyes on quick make up days I use the light eyeshadow colour on the inner corners of my eyes just to brighten them up slightly.

It took me ages to try the pink lip colour in this palette as I didn’t think it would suit me at all. In fact, it’s actually a really nice subtle colour and perfect for these low make up days.

Finishing touches

Really all I need now is some mascara. 

This is by far my favourite mascara. It gives me lengthened, separated lashes and it doesn’t run or smudge. It’s also pretty cheap too! I don’t tend to touch my brows on days like this but if I do, just a quick swipe of Maybellines Brow Drama for a little bit of definition.

I’m loving this quick and simple look. I’d love to feel confident enough to go make up free but at least I have a set up that doesn’t take lots of time and uses products already in my make up bag. Do you have a similar weekend/day off look? Let me know in the comments!

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