Hobonichi Weeks Covers Comparison

I feel like there’s so much more cover choice for the Weeks than the Cousin.

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In my year of Weeks ownership I’ve had four covers already! Today I’m reviewing them all. At the end I’ll also talk about some of the others available. If you’re debating a cover for your new Weeks, hopefully this will help!

What do you need a cover for?

This is the first question you really have to answer when deciding on one. As part of this, you may even realise you don’t need one. I don’t have one on my Cactus Weeks, for example. That’s because it never leaves the house and just stays on my desk.

My work Weeks in navy does have a cover, because I wanted somewhere to store business cards and my pen. It also turns it from a plain cover, into something very pretty.

You may need a cover that has lots of pockets so you can do planning on the go. You may want somewhere to hold washi, stickers and more.

Finally, (although this list is not exhaustive) you may want to use your Weeks like a purse, and have a cover that holds everything a purse would. That’s why I purchased my current cover, the Ane Drawer Pouch*.

Hobonichi Cover on Cover

We’ll get the most common one out of the way first. I own two of these. These are relatively inexpensive when purchased with other things from Hobonichi direct. To purchase on their own they become less great value*. As a simple cover, they are a great design. They have a pocket in the front, and one in the back. They also come with a pen loop and a page keeper style tag in the front. This long thin cut out you can see underneath the page flags can also be used to create a double style pen loop. This means putting your pen through it keeps the Hobonichi closed. To do this, simply tuck part of it in between the cover and the Hobonichi itself, to create a secondary loop. You can also turn this page keeper into a closer by attaching velcro to it and the back of the cover. If neither of those options sound great, you can also just purchase a proper page keeper*, which is what you can see on the earlier picture.

This is a great little cover, and you can add in extra storage pockets if you need it like I have above. If you’re wanting something a bit bigger though, there’s a lot of options out there.

Cadenta Notebooks Cover

I found Cadenta while searching for a cover last year. Foolishly I hadn’t purchased a Cover on Cover for my first Hobo and didn’t want to pay £10 just to get one shipped over. I decided to spend a little more and get a proper cover. I wanted something with lots of pockets to carry some of my cards that didn’t need to live in my purse all the time. This is vegan leather, has lots of pockets and a string to attach your Weeks with. Had I not purchased a white lines Weeks I would have struggled to attach this properly. Because the cover is quite separate from the book on the white lines range, I was able to feed the string through the back. This meant I didn’t have to have a string going through the middle of the book.

In terms of functionality, this cover is great. It has lots of storage and a pen loop. I even found I could keep a second pen in the middle with no issue.  However, this was a very thick cover. Because it wasn’t made from leather it needed more padding in it to make it hold it’s shape.

This cover is around £30* and while it is a nice cover it was just too thick. If it came with a zipped pocket that allowed me to move my purse completely into this then I could justify the thickness. I also wished I’d found a way to keep the Hobo closed when it was in the cover. If I opened the cover while I was in a shop to get a card, the Weeks would frequently open and get in the way. With the string mechanism in this cover, you would be able to use a cover on cover with a page keeper to get around this.

Filofax Saffiano Compact

I had no idea this was something that fit the Weeks until very recently.It’s a personal size Filofax, but the compact element makes it narrower than the usual personal sizes. The ring mechanism also comes on a board so you can literally just take it out. This means that the pocket that housed the ring mechanism can house a Weeks perfectly!

At around £30* it’s same price as the Cadenta cover and to be honest I wish I’d found this first. There’s just so much more to it in terms of pockets and storage. The zipped pocked is perfect for cash. There’s also lots of smaller pockets for cards and vouchers. It even has a pen loop!This however isn’t my current cover. Because you’re sliding the back of the Weeks into the pocket to hold it in there’s no way of keeping it closed. I just had visions of every time I opened this to get cash or cards, the Weeks would just open and get in the way. Because it’s zipped I could see it being a bigger issue than with my Cadenta cover due to the orientation I’d be opening it in.

I loved the rest of the cover though, so set about finding something similar that would hold the Weeks closed.

Hobonichi Ane Drawer Pouch

I was so annoyed that this was released later than everything else in the Winter release. I ordered a drawer pouch with my Hobonichi order but the small drawer pouch is too small for a Weeks.The Ane drawer pouch* is slightly bigger and has an almost purse-like configuration, unlike the original pouch which is more like a pencil case.At around £45 it’s not cheap! While I didn’t purchase from that particular seller above, I did purchase from Etsy and paid around that amount including shipping. That is my first complaint about this. It’s also the same reason why I’ve never purchased a Cousin cover from Hobonichi. For the materials used, they are very expensive. The outside is just a cotton (that attracts dust like nothing I’ve ever seen before) and the inside is a shiny nylon(?) type material. Nice enough, but you wouldn’t think it cost that much to look at it. Even from Hobonichi direct it’s £30 plus customs and shipping.

Sadly though, this is the most accessible product I’ve found that fits my needs. There are similar pouches out there but they’re really hard to find in the UK. They all work out roughly the same price once you’ve factored in customs fees too.

This is therefore worth it (to me) because it does everything I need. It holds so much stuff! Cards, cash, vouchers, pens, even my charger and headphones. The Hobonichi Weeks lives (closed) in one of the pockets and never gets in the way when I’m using the purse. I’ve kept the cover on cover on it, but you wouldn’t need to with this case. I would have loved to have picked one up in a slightly less functional design but unfortunately they sold out instantly.

What else is out there?

If you want a leather cover there’s lots of choice. Chic Sparrow have a range of Weeks covers, like this one. I always hear CS covers raved about. However at around £60 for a cover, plus customs and shipping it’s pretty expensive. The Galen Leather* covers are ones I spent a long time looking at last year. The only reason I didn’t purchase one was the lack of a closure on it.

When it comes to fabric covers my go-to is Lyra and Co*. Their covers are fantastic quality and come in great designs. They’re also fantastically priced!

There are other covers available from Hobonichi direct. You may be able to pick them up on Etsy, but I see them around less than other Hobo items. They’re very similar to the Filofax style I showed above.

Hopefully this has been a helpful tour of the Weeks covers out there. If there’s some that I haven’t covered please drop them in the comments below. I’d love to keep adding to this post over time.