It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Review

Dark circles have been my longest running skincare concern.

Back when I was a teenager, I luckily didn’t have spots, but my under eye circles were super dark. I remember picking up those Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll Ons when they first came out. I quickly discovered they were pretty useless.

If you saw my post about embracing the dark circles, you’ll know that I’ve pretty much given up on trying to cover them up. Between poor coverage and terrible creasing it was more trouble than it was worth.

So day to day, foundation is my only coverage for my dark circles and it’s been working well for me. But, for full face days and nights I still like a little help around there.

I’d been hearing about It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye for what feels like years, but never seen it in a shop to swatch and try.

Finally, my local Boots had a refit and got some new beauty counters – including It Cosmetics! I tried the Bye Bye Under Eye and after wearing it for the rest of the day was satisfied that the creasing was minimal and the coverage excellent. So I went back and purchased it (along with the CC Cream that everybody raves about).

The colour that I tried on myself was light, but the sales advisor matched me to medium instead. I also tried the original but after explaining how dry it was around my eyes, she advised me to pick up the illuminating one.


It comes in a little tube, which is surprisingly difficult to squeeze product out of. 

It’s quite thick, which is why I think it’s so tricky to squeeze out. You really don’t need a lot though, so the fact that loads doesn’t come out really helps you not overuse the product.

To apply, I’ve been getting a little bit on the tip of my finger, dotting it under each eye, and then going back over and dabbing it in with my fingers.


As briefly mentioned, the coverage on this is fantastic. It does a great job of covering up those dark circles.

Purchasing the illuminating version, rather than the regular one was definitely a good suggestion. It just helps give the eye area that little extra boost, as well as covering up the darkness. It definitely helps me look a lot more bright eyed and awake.

To finish, I then go over the area with a mini beauty blender.

Length of wear

This stuff can go all day and long into the night with no issues. I’m not going to say it doesn’t crease at all, but at little patting under the eye is all it needs to be smoothed out again.

I’d used thick concealers in the past (Benefit’s Erase Paste) and found that creased almost immediately because it was so thick so I was relieved that there were no such problems here.

If you have dry skin around the eyes I’d recommend going for the illuminating one also. Texture of it is noticeably softer and easier to blend than the regular one.

This is the best under eye concealer I’ve ever used.

I can’t imagine why I’d ever want to try another. I won’t need to for a while anyway as this 8ml tube is likely going to last me a long time. It might look expensive at £23.50, but it’s definitely worth it.