No7 Maple Glow Palette Review

I used to use No7 quite a lot.

When you’re working for Boots and get a decent discount on it, it’s easy to build up quite a stash of product.

Since I left Boots though I’d not really used it too much. Instead, I’ve been purchasing more premium brands.

Back when I was looking at the No7 Stay Perfect mascara (review here) I noticed they had a limited edition palette available. Given I have a weakness for face palettes I picked it up.

It was free when you purchased any two No7 make up products, so I got the palette, the mascara and a new eyebrow brush for around £20. Bargain!

This is a fantastic little palette that packs a lot of product in. It houses four eyeshadows, one blush, two highlighters and a bronzer.

The palette itself is really well made. It’s good and sturdy with a good mirror in the lid. This is perfect to travel with and I can actually see myself using the mirror in this palette. Most mirrors that come in palettes are too small to be of any real use when travelling. Either that or the lid doesn’t stay upright properly.

As I’ve said before, No7 products don’t exactly look the most modern but I’ve seen a clear improvement with this palette. 

Even the colours in the palette, seem more suited to my younger tastes than I normally see from No7.

Either that or I’m getting old. Anyway, the two shimmers in particular are favourites and the coral pink has been a regular in the work make up lately.

I’ve tried No7 eyeshadows many years ago and was really unimpressed with them. They had no staying power and folded pretty quickly. I also remember them being pretty difficult to work with. Quite dry and difficult to blend.

I’m pleased to report they’ve improved a lot since the last time I used them and these work really well. They apply really nicely and last all day with my Nars Eye Primer underneath. These are pretty soft powders, but they don’t have huge amounts of fallout. The only shade I’ve had an issue with has been the dark purple/red. As you can probably tell in the swatch it’s a little patchy. It definitely takes a bit more work to get even.

I’m very simple when it comes to my eye make up so I can’t really comment as to the suitability of this palette when it comes to full on eye looks. But, for a simple one or two colour look, this palette works great.

When it comes to face powders it’s a different story. I used No7 blushes for years and really liked them.

Although it looks quite shimmery in the pan, on the cheeks it doesn’t look overly shimmery. I’ve been wearing this daily for work and it’s never felt too much for daytime use.

It’s the same story with the highlight. It looks really nice – perfect for daytime wear – and lasts all day with no issues. Due to my skin tone I’ve been using the lighter coloured one mainly.

As for the bronzer, I don’t use it but it seemed nice to swatch and it’ll be handy to have if I do ever have the need for a bit of extra colour.

I’m a real fan of this palette.

Even if the mascara that I bought to get it for free was a let down, this palette wasn’t. The quality of the powders was high, and they last all day no problem. Couple that with a small size, sturdy palette and great mirror inside and you’ve got my new favourite travel palette (that I’m using every day anyway)!

This is the first face palette I can recall No7 doing (outside their Christmas gifting) but if I see another I’ll definitely be picking it up!

The colours are clearly pitched towards those with fairer skin, and this was the only version available. Given their foundation range isn’t the most inclusive I’ve ever seen, I wasn’t expecting there to be two versions of this palette, but it would have been nice.

Do you use No7? If you have any hero products, I’d love to know about them in the comments!