My Eyeshadow Palette Collection

A while ago I shared my love of full face palettes.

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It’s probably my biggest make up weakness and the thing I own most of. However, I do love a regular eyeshadow palette too so decided to share my current collection with you. I’m fairly certain I keep these longer than I should. I’ve never really followed the little image of how long I should keep something. I tend to keep things until they look or smell funny. Or, in the case of my very old Dior palette that I threw away earlier in the year, when I realised how old it was I knew I could never use it on my skin again.

First up, lets talk Urban Decay!

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

I absolutely love this palette. I picked it up a couple of years ago on sale while on holiday because I just couldn’t resist the colours. 

No, these aren’t colours I’ll wear on a daily basis. And if I’m honest I rarely reach for the palette. But, it’s a thing of beauty and I can’t imagine parting with it. I know I should try using some bold colours more (that green in the middle calls to me) in my make up routine and I’m going to make the effort to use this more before I do actually have to get rid of it because it’s so old.

Something that I do use this palette for, that is a little less brave, is using a damp angled brush to create a nice flick of eyeliner.

As much as I love this palette, the quality in comparison to other Urban Decay palettes is poor. The long lasting eyeshadow of the Naked palette is a distant memory. In fact, after purchasing this I avoided UD for a long while. It felt like the quality had taken a nosedive.

Urban Decay Petite Heat*

This was the next palette I finally picked up from UD, almost two years after purchasing the Full Spectrum. 

I purchased this instead of a couple of singles I had my eye on. Unfortunately this ended up being a bit of a disappointment and I’ve barely reached for this since purchasing. The quality is better in that the eye looks do last longer than those with the Full Spectrum. But these shadows are super soft and the fallout is the worst of any palette I’ve ever used. The colours on the right two shades also come out darker than they look in the pan so I’ve done nothing other than swatch these sadly.

Pixi Dulce Candy Eyeshadow Palette

I recently picked this up on impulse from TK Maxx and was presently surprised. 

It’s a palette of really versatile shimmers that I been using fairly regularly both for daytime and evening. The quality of this shadow is fantastic. There’s not a huge amount of fallout, it’s easy to apply and blend and it lasts all day with my Nars Primer underneath.

I only really use one or two colours of eyeshadow at a time, and don’t do anything too complex. If you are a fan of doing elaborate looks you may need to pair this was another palette but for me, this is a great daily palette for me.

Laura Geller Ionic New York Collection – Brewery

This is my newest palette and I haven’t actually got around to using it yet. 

I got it in a QVC beauty box and haven’t tried it yet as the colours definitely for more of an evening look.

These swatch really nicely. They’re very soft but there’s not loads of fallout. They don’t come out as dark as they look in the palette, so you don’t need to do a full dramatic look like I assumed this palette would create. Given there’s just three colours in here I’d feel more comfortable using these together to create a more elaborate eye look than I would normally.

Lottie London Shadow Swatch – The Rusts

When my Urban Decay Naked Palette got too old, I didn’t want to repurchase another. Given how often I used it I didn’t think I could justify the full price cost. Instead, I picked up this Lottie London palette.

I love this palette, it was such great value. The colour pay off is great, they blend really well and they last all day used with my Nars Primer.

I also love the applicator it comes with. The brush end is a great flat brush perfect for packing on colour.

This is definitely my go to palette when I want a nice, quick, neutral look.

I’m really happy with my little palette collection.

I’ve basically got most eventualities covered – simple daytime looks, evening and bright colours for when I’m feeling brave.

Taking a look through my palettes has also reminded me of some of the great colours that I have! I’ve been after a yellow palette for a while and opening up my Full Spectrum again has showed me I actually have some great yellows that I could be using.

If you haven’t taken a look through your palette collection lately, I highly recommend it!