2024 Planners Stack

It’s been a while!

Planner set up time is here!

While I have been posting weekly over on YouTube, I have been neglecting writing and realised, I’ve missed it!

So we’re finally back, and as it’s January, it only felt right to come back with a full planner line up for 2024!

Flatlay of 2024 planner purchases

I’ve definitely changed things up this year, and added a couple of new planner sizes into the rotation! This is everything I’ve purchased for 2024.

First up though, let’s talk rings!

This is one of only two planners that has stayed consistent since last year.

Filofax Personal Original in Burnt Orange

Rings are back in fashion, but I actually never left them. I’ve had a personal size set up for years, and for 2024 I moved back into my Burnt Orange Original*. This is basically just a reference binder. It has things like a perpetual calendar, addresses and notes that will need to be kept for several years. This way, I don’t have to write in a new planner each year. There is a full set up video on YouTube if you’re interested in seeing it in more detail.

The Passport TN is also another planner I’ve kept since last year

How I use this hasn’t changed since this video from last year. This is primarily my purse, with some added planning bits.

passport TN planner set up

This year I’ve ditched the undated Traveller’s Company monthly insert, for a cute pre-printed one from Midori. I particularly love this because it comes with a pen loop. The cover around the booklet also provides a handy place to pop my bank cards.

Aside from my canvas pocket that is used to hold purse related items such as coupons, I have a dot grid insert. This year I’ve using an insert from Good Ink Pressions*. This is used in theory as a bullet journal, but not consistently so. I don’t often have lots of tasks that I need to keep track of whilst out of the house. I’m also not a massive fan of re-writing everything out multiple times across different planners, so I don’t anticipate this insert being used up quickly.

passport TN Good Ink Pressions

Sticking with Travellers Notebooks, I’ve added a standard size into the mix this year

Last year I used a Hobonichi Cousin as a partial scrapbook and it had some drawbacks. As it was dated, some days I didn’t need the full page, and others I needed more. Additionally, putting a full year of pics and ephemera in the notebook made it chunk to the point it was difficult to use from around September.

For 2024 I decided to move all scrapbooking into a standard TN. This means I can use as much or as little space as I want, and won’t have a super chunky insert that becomes useable because the page count is lower. As with the passport size, I went for a Good Ink Pressions dot grid insert.

Standard and Passport TNs

This TN is going to be all about being creative. So alongside the scrapbooking insert I also have a junk journal insert. This is basically just pages for random creativity.

standard TN

To really chunk this up, I also have dated vertical weekly inserts from Travellers Company.

standard tn planner set up

This won’t be used necessarily every week, just when I fancy doing a little pretty memory keeping with stickers.

Next let’s talk Hobonichi Weeks

This was added to the line up with no particular use. For 2024 I knew it wasn’t going to work as my main planner, but I can’t not have a Weeks, so one got added to the basket.

I’m going to be giving more of a focus to health and fitness this year and so I realised that setting up my Weeks as a fitness and finance planner would be perfect. I first did this back in 2020 (blog post showing the set up is here). The inclusion of finance is because the Weeks pages are perfect for my budget planning and tracking, and I didn’t want to move them.

Despite not using it for scrapbooking, the Hobonichi Cousin has been kept for 2024

This year though, the secondary use from last year is the primary use. That is, commonplacing. This is basically filled with notes (and collections, to use a bullet journal term). All my longer term planning goes in here – think goal planning, content planning and my inbox.

Hobonichi Cousin 2024 planner set up

I then use colour coding on the yearly index pages to create a contents, and corresponding Coco Fusen* tabs on the pages to get to things quickly.

Finally, we’re onto my main planner for 2024

I’ve gone back to Take A Note! I used the A5 size in 2021 and while I liked the planner in general, the layout wasn’t great for me. A few months ago I found out that for 2024 they were releasing a B6 size. I knew this would be perfect as my main planner for 2024 as it was similar enough to my Weeks, whilst giving me some extra space that I needed.

Take A Note B6 planner set up

I’m only in my second week in this, but I’m already loving it. The fact that the second half of the page is effectively free space should allow me to adapt the layouts to whatever I need each week.

Hopefully you enjoyed this overview of my 2024 planners!

There are videos of all of these planners over on my YouTube channel if you want to see the full planner set ups. If you’d prefer a full blog post talking through the set up, drop a comment below!