Suzy Stick It Haul

January’s no spend didn’t go so well. 

Three sticker shops and a washi haul later I was done… for Jan.

Suzy Stick It is a dangerous shop. It has probably the best selection of washi in the UK I’ve seen. The fact that she stocked Lora Bailora washi was exciting as I was eager to try it without spending a fortune on shipping.

My order shipped super quick and was packaged beautifully. suzy1This is probably the largest amount of washi I’ve bought in one go.suzy2The Kikusui tape is a brand I’ve not used before but its nice and thick. The only watch out with this is it’s slightly glossy so you wouldn’t be able to write on it easily.suzy3The bulk of my order was Lora Bailora goodies.  This washi is so pretty and I love the designs. It too has a slightly shiny texture on the surface but I think you could write on this with a Sharpie without too much trouble. The only annoyance with this tape is its not repostitionable like normal washi and actually ripped the paper I use in my lightbox just from being stuck down for a few seconds for the above picture. I like my washi to be moveable in case I change my mind about placement and this isn’t suitable for that. suzy4Finally, my MT tapes. I love MT tapes. I’ve never found washi that comes close to the quality. When I go to Japan I’m just going to come home with a case of the stuff. I had to reign myself in when placing my order as I really could have ordered about ten MT tapes but I wanted to try some other brands instead. Maybe in March I’ll place another order…

I’m so happy I’ve found somewhere with such a large selection of washi based in the UK. No hideous P&P (only £3) and even better, no customs charges!

Em x