Adaptable Mother’s Day Card Ideas

I’m always late posting cards for occasions but that’s so people don’t see their cards online before they receive them (I doubt they would, but I like to make sure!)

Today I’m showing the two cards I made for Mother’s Day this year (one for my mum, one for Ed’s) but they’re designs I’m probably going to reuse later in the year because they’re pretty adaptable (apologies for the wonky photo).

mum1It’s been ages since I did some paper weaving and I was in the mood to try it again. It’s a bit of a pain for someone who doesn’t deal well with fiddly things but I do like the effect it creates. I also brought out the paper flowers that it feels like ages since I’ve touched! I probably need to find something other than the woodchip letters to use on my cards soon.. they seem to appear on every single one at the moment. I can see this kind of design ending up on a birthday card soon.


More paper flowers for this card! You’ll also notice that I used the heart cut out from the first card. To add to the recycling the pink heart and sentiment were both pulled out of my scraps box so the only cutting required for this card was the pink polka dot paper and pink card at the back. I do like a good doily on a card but after triple checking to make sure there was only one doily here I mounted the card and noticed that there were in fact two doilies stuck together. Fearful that it might therefore drop off I had to pull them apart whilst on the card and then attach it properly to the other doily. I need to make an anniversary card soon and I think this design will be perfect for it.

Em x