Too Faced Hangover Face Primer: The Weekend Review

I finally used up all my Pupa primer!

Even though I managed to find it on Amazon for a reasonable price after hearing Lily Pebbles raving about this Too Faced  Hangover Face Primer I decided to give it a try.

I think this may be my first ever Too Faced purchase? While I loved the tinted nature of the Pupa primer I felt like my skin needed a little more hydration and to look a little less tired. This primer is packed full of good stuff to hopefully leave your skin looking refreshed. The fact it’s silicone free is a massive tick. Silicone based primers definitely do not agree with my skin and leave me spotty.

This was a 40ml size for £27 from Debenhams. It’s a little pricier than what I’d normally pay but it’s been a while since I had a make up splurge. Inside the lid is a nice little pump, and one pump is the ideal amount to cover my face. This is ideal for me, because without a pump I overuse and waste products. One pump isn’t a huge amount of product so I can see this lasting me a while.

I’ve been using this a couple of weeks now and am happy with it so far. My skin has been pretty stressed out (yay hormones!) but haven’t necessarily been able to tell. My foundation doesn’t appear to be settling onto my face as much as it used to with the Pupa primer. I’ve had a couple of dry patches on my face but I’ve put that down to my poor skin. The only thing this is really missing is a tint. I’m using more foundation that I was previously – a pump and a third of my Kat Von D foundation.

Repurchase worthy?

Maybe. I can’t wait to see what this is like when my skin is a bit more normal and I’m not having to cake on the foundation. My skin does look healthier and a little less cakey with the foundation which I’m loving. It’s exactly the same price as my foundation and if it lasts as long as I think it will, I’ll have no issue picking up another tube when I buy more foundation.