Colourpop Haul – The Weekend Review

You know, just in case you’re not bored of reading everyone’s Colourpop hauls yet!

Obviously everyone stocked up when they had free International shipping a while ago!

As I didn’t want to get stung by customs, I decided to be good and just pick up a couple of items to try them out. 

I picked up the Creme Gel Liner in Prance and the Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow.

I was drawn in by the beautiful colour in the eyeliner and the lip (as you’ll see) is very different from what I normally review on here. 

How cute is the card that comes with the order?!

Creme Gel Eyeliner

So the first thing to say is this doesn’t feel or look like anything like gel and was not what I was expecting at all.

It looks and feels more like a pencil. It takes a little work to soften up and apply but even once softened it still applies more like a pencil. This is no bad thing though, as I’ve found that actual gel liners just do not last on my oily lids.

This is really easy to apply and I was able to draw a lovely soft line on my lids in no time at all. The colour is beautiful and I find myself finding any excuse to wear this.

It terms of wear, it does drop and smudge a little throughout the day/night. The first time I wore this though I did go too far into the inner corners of my eye, which caused a lot of the issues. After that, I’ve avoided the inner corner and the longevity has been much better. This is probably the best eyeliner I’ve used in a long time and I will definitely be buying more colours.

Ultra Satin Lip

I figured if I was going add yet another lippy to my ever growing collection, that I would be bold and brave with the colour. I’ve actually been dying to try a grey lipstick for a while now. This is a greyish lilac.

Unfortunately in terms of application, this went the same way as every other liquid lipstick I’ve tried. Because I have small, poorly defined lips it just never looks good on me. I look like I’ve been playing with my mum’s lipstick and applied it really badly. In terms of the colour it sadly didn’t suit me. I’m probably too pale to pull off such a colour. Ed (my boyfriend) made a very dad like comment when he saw me in it and told me I looked cold.

It is however, incredibly long lasting. In fact when I tried to pull this off to put something else on instead it was actually a bit of a nightmare to remove!

Would I try Colourpop again?

Absolutely. I can see what the hype is about with this brand. This is well priced, but great quality make up. I’ll be picking up some more eyeliners (and that beautiful new palette when it comes back into stock) very soon!