Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash – The Weekend Review

After saying for so long that over washing my face was causing me acne here I am with a second cleanser.

I’m fully into the Asian skincare routine now and this was the second cleanser I tried after the DHC Oil. As we know the DHC Oil didn’t go so well.

After a few weeks of using just the Make Up Eraser and Cleansing Water I added this and ditched the Make Up Eraser.

I was using eye make up remover and cleansing water to remove the bulk of the make up and then using this as my second cleanser. This was my cleansing routine for two weeks while I made sure my skin was okay with it. I have since introduced a first cleanser from Etude House.

The product

It took me a while to buy another cleanser. After my terrible experience with the DHC Oil I was definitely weary. When researching second cleansers for acne prone, oily skin I found this recommended a lot. I’ll be honest, I was also super intrigued about the fact that it was a powder!

To use you simply pop some in your palm, add some water and scrub your face with it. It doesn’t remove much make up so you do need pretty clean skin to start with. I also tend to dry my face before using it, but this is just habit more than anything.

You literally only need half a teaspoon of product and just a few drops of water. I did struggle to begin with as I was using too much water and getting more product in the sink than on my face. After a few days I got the hang of it and was giving my skin a good scrub each evening.

You may be horrified at the thought of me scrubbing my face every evening but I have pretty resilient skin and it has reacted well to it. In fact my face which is normally rough with spots and other blemishes is noticeably smoother. I’m super impressed with the effect this has had, particularly on my chin which usually feels very rough.

If you struggle with dry skin though, this may not be the product for you. My skin has had oily tendencies since loading up with moisture in my new routine but after a few weeks of this I have had a couple of dry patches. This has only been the case though when I’ve been wearing tinted moisturiser. On make up free days or foundation days I don’t have a problem. I’m therefore not too worried at the moment as it could just be the tinted moisturiser causing it.

Overall thoughts

I really love this. My skin feels amazing, it’s easy to use and it looks like it’s going to last me a while. After weeks of use I’ve barely used any and at just £12.49 on Amazon it’s reasonably priced too. I haven’t really heard of many other stand out products in the Tosowoong range, so if you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments below!

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