The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA Review

I’m almost coming to the end of this tube and so figured it was time for a review.

I picked up this moisturiser on a bit of a whim when I purchased some foundation a while back. The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA has quite a fancy name so I was hoping for good things.

As I was in the market for a new moisturiser, and having tried the Retinol and really liked it I decided to give this a go. At less than £5 for 30ml it was worth a try. Despite some oilyness my skin can be quite dry, so I’m drawn to anything super moisturising. This moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid and knowing how great that is for hydration, I hoped this would work well with my skin.

The product

This moisturiser comes in a tube which is massive plus. I hate digging my finger into pots. It’s available in both 30ml and 100ml and so this size is perfect for travel.

In terms of the product inside the tube it’s a simple white cream. It feels thick in the sense that it takes a little work to make it sink into the skin, but when on the skin it doesn’t feel thick. I was hoping something thick, luxurious and slighty oily feeling but it’s just not.

Make up holds well on top of this, and throughout the day it holds up well. I don’t notice any extra oil or grease by the end of the day when I have this underneath.

Despite it only being a small 30ml tube this has lasted me a decent length of time. I’ve been using this daily for a couple of months now and I’m only just getting the signs that this might be about to run out. Because it is a slightly thicker cream I have noticed that as this starts to run out, it does get difficult to squeeze out of the tube. I guess it’s at times like this pots have a one up over tubes.

Would I repurchase?

Unfortunately not. While my face held up well during the day when using this in terms of oilyness I don’t think it actually helped all that much with hydration. Whilst using this I’ve had some dry skin patches thanks to a break out and while other moisturisers would probably have dealt with it, this has not. For something that I hoped would be quite moisturising, I’ve been left disappointed. In the Summer months perhaps, when I need less hydration this might be okay but since the change in weather a couple of weeks ago, this just hasn’t held up. Out of three The Ordinary products I’ve tried now, two have been fails sadly. Maybe I’ll stick to just the acids from The Ordinary in future.

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