Urang Review

It’s not often I’ll review a brand.

However, I recently discovered Urang at the AB meet up and then later learnt more at the Masterclass held by Beauty Unwrapped. Between the event and an order later placed with Skinsider, I now have three products from Urang in regular rotation.

I purchased the Everlasting Ampoule and Mist at the event, and followed up with the Rose Ceramide Cream after trying out a sample pot.

Rose Everlasting Ampoule

This was the new product that was launching in line with the Beauty Unwrapped event I attended. I’d never used an ampoule before and was keen to add one to my routine, particularly with the Winter months approaching. Now that I’ve got my acne under control, I’ve started looking towards more anti-ageing products. This claimed to rejuvenate the skin, adding elasticity and brightness. Given how washed out I think I look sometimes, this product had me sold. With no artificial fragrances and no negative hits on CosDNA for this, I jumped right into using this every morning before my moisturiser.

This is thicker than I was expecting. It’s syrupy without being sticky and comes with a pipette applicator.

This is 35ml for £53 so is probably the most expensive skincare item I’ve purchased in a while. I spent the first few weeks probably using too much of this and am probably going to run out of it quicker than I should. I’ve found around half a pipette is sufficient for a full face. With once daily use I’ll get at least four months out of this jar in total which would make the cost around 44p a day.

I’m just over two months into my usage now. I enjoy using this on a morning. The scent is lovely, natural and not overpowering. It feels luxurious to use and like you’re really giving your skin a treat, which is a similar theme to most Urang products I’ve tried. My skin has looked and felt plumped and hydrated during the time I’ve used this and I’m very happy with the results. Would I repurchase? Absolutely. It’s a treat for my skin and worth it.

Rose pH Balancing Mist

This is a limited edition product and £20 for 50ml. From the finest rose water in the world, this mist is refreshing and perfect for prepping the skin after cleansing. It claims to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Ideal for those with acne prone skin like myself.

I have a love hate relationship with this. I love how it feels on my skin and enjoy using it every morning after cleansing or the shower. However, the spray function is what lets it down. The spray on the sample size is actually better than the one on the full size. The reason? It’s more of a mist in the sample size. In the full size too much comes out and it’s less mist, more a light drenching. Would I rebuy? Only if I can find a better mist bottle I can decant into.

Rose Ceramide Cream

This was purchased as part of a little Skinsider order I recently placed.

At £35 for 50ml again it’s not one of the cheapest skincare items I own. However in the month or so I’ve been using this on a morning I’ve been loving the results. This cream is all about hydration and that’s exactly what I need come the Winter months. I’ve had no dry patches while using this, even when I had an acne break out recently. My skin feels moisturised without being greasy. I’ve had to do far less mid-day blotting since switching to this. Using the Ampoule and Cream together has worked particularly well to give my skin a boost. I’ve also been using this mixed in with the Urang Blue Oil, which I received a sample of. Either on it’s own, or mixed in with the cream, the oil gives my skin a lovely glow.

This does have a few flags over on CosDNA so you may want to patch test if you have sensitive skin. I didn’t do that, but I’ve no issues using this at all. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is the scent. On days I’m not wearing make up and this is the last thing sat on my face, the scent can be quite strong. It’s not the oils that I can smell, just a standard moisturiser smell and it has a tendency to linger. When mixed with the Blue Oil I have less of an issue so on make up free days I tend to do that. This may not be an issue for you, but I’m not a fan of being able to smell something sat on my skin all day.

Would I rebuy? Absolutely. It may be a little too rich for in the Summer months, but is a perfect hydrating Winter moisturiser.

Urang – my new favourite brand?

It certainly looks that way! While CosRX used to be the overwhelming brand on my skincare shelf, it’s now Urang. While natural skincare has never had a huge draw for me, I’m enjoying using Urang. Due to the oils in the items the scent makes it feel like a really luxurious treat for my skin, and like I’m not risking any reactions due to strong chemicals. The products are on the slightly more expensive side, but I haven’t tried anything so far that hasn’t felt worth it.