My first Too Faced palette review

Given my love of palettes I’m amazed it’s taken me this long to purchase a Too Faced one

I think I was always put off by the style of the brand. It’s a bit childish looking for my liking. However, when a beautiful bunny/Christmas themed kit popped up in the Debenhams Black Friday sale I decided to finally give Too Faced a proper try.

For under £25 I was able to pick up this – featuring a full face palette, lip gloss, mini mascara and make up bag. I absolutely adored the style of this kit and the make up bag that came with it is now my regular make up bag.

I was actually impressed with the quality of this bag. It’s a thick PU leather bag that doesn’t feel as cheap as free bags usually do (looking at you, Tarte).

The make up

The design of the bag is matched on most of the items in this kit.

The mascara mini was Better Than Sex – a mascara I’ve heard people rave about but never tried. I hated it. It was a smudged mess in less than a couple of hours. While the effect on my lashes was nice, it couldn’t be saved by how little time it lasted.

The lip gloss in the kit was nice enough, but nothing to rave about. It’s a very subtle wash of shimmery colour that doesn’t last all that long. I’ve been using it on days when I don’t feel like lipstick, but want something on my lips.

The Palette

I was initially drawn to ‘Sleigh Girl, Sleigh’ and ‘North Pole Dancer’ and that’s what convinced me to pick up this palette. I’m really loving pink eye colours at the moment and wanted to get in the Festive spirit with some glitters. There’s some nice mattes in here which look like they’ll work well with the glitters in the set to create some really nice looks. I’m a one (maybe two) colour kind of girl so these haven’t had any use yet, but I think I’ll be reaching for ‘Chill Pill’ after Christmas is over and I ease off the glitter.

Sleigh Girl, Sleigh didn’t end up being as nice on as it looked but North Pole Dancer is a beautiful colour. I wore it nearly every day in December. The colour pay off on these is fantastic and you can create some really vibrant looks with them. The only colour that’s disappointed me so far as been Baby It’s Cold. On your eyes it’s just blue glitter and so works best as a topper only.

L-R: Star on Top; Chill Pill; Naughty Navidad; North Pole Dancer; Sleigh Girl, Sleigh

These are soft and easy to use. Because they’re so soft you do need to blow the brush before going near your eyes otherwise there’s a lot of fallout. In terms of length of wear, these are on a par with Tarte. They generally last most of the day. However recently I’ve been using heavier eye creams as they’ve been super dry. It’s been affecting how long eyeshadows last with my usual primer and so I’ve just purchased the Nars Eye Primer to see if I have better results.

The face powders in this palette are also pretty nice and last all day. I’ve been using the highlight and blush every day. The only thing I would say is I would have expected the highlight to pack a bit more of a punch, given this is a Holiday palette. In addition, I’ve also found a hard layer developing on top of it and the blush that will need taking off.

Overall thoughts

This has been a great palette to use over Christmas and a great introduction to Too Faced. I’m really impressed with the quality of everything in here. Given the range of eyeshadow colours this will probably be my travel palette from now on. It’s also thin and light thanks to being made from cardboard and so perfecting for taking away with me. I can see the cardboard around the face powders beginning to discolour already though so I think the palette itself probably won’t last as long as the powders. I’m not too bothered though. This was a great priced palette and I’ll be happy to pick up next year’s Holiday palette to replace it.