New Cheap Sticker Storage

I was beginning to get frustrated with my sticker storage.

In case you don’t know what my storage set up was I wrote a post about it here. While it worked fairly well and was easy enough to flick through, I felt I wasn’t using all my stickers because of it.

I wanted something I could see everything a bit better in. There’s whole types of stickers that I forget exist half the time. Something that wouldn’t get so dusty (the bottom of the old box was full of it!) I was also finding that smaller stickers were getting a little lost in the box and I was missing them a lot.

Given I’ve set myself a bit of a task to really start working through my sticker stash, I wanted to change things up.

The sticker album

I’d been seeing sticker albums all over Instagram and Facebook and they seemed like a pretty good idea. I nearly pushed the button until I found something very similar in Paperchase. An A6 display folder. At just £3.50 and with 100 pockets these seemed like an absolute bargain.

I bought one, sorted out my stickers, filled up the album and realised I needed to go back for another. Oops.

Sorting out the stickers was probably the most fun bit. Reminding myself of stickers I forgot I had and ruthlessly going through and creating a destash pile.

I organised my stickers into categories and then started inserting them into the pockets within those categories.

Things I learnt setting these up:

  • Get your categories and order organised before you start putting things in the pockets.
  • Don’t put too much in each pocket as they get thick very quickly.
  • If you have a back and front pocket, keep some back pockets free to expand categories if needed.
  • Get some clips to keep the albums open when they get full. Nothing more annoying than taking everything out of a pocket to look through it, and having the album close!

A great alternative to box storage?

I’ve been using these for about two months now and I’m really happy with them. I feel like all my stickers are a lot more visible now. There’s definitely some improvements that can be made to the organisation of it though and so I’ll probably redo them soon. I do sometimes spend a while flicking through just to find a particular sticker set. So because of this I’m also going to add some sticker tabs on the side to signify where different categories begin.

What’s been great about this set up has been being able to chop up sheets that have lots of different kinds of stickers on and put them with similar stickers. I’ve found this has been a great way to use up samplers. Before I just had a big stack of samplers that very rarely got used. Now I’m working through all those random little stickers as they’re categorised with similar stickers and I’m more likely to find them.

So that’s my cheap new sticker storage! I’m really happy with it. While I absolutely love the ones with designs on that are everywhere at the moment, these were just a more cost effective way for me to achieve the same result. While I used the Paperchase A6 photo album you can find them in different sizes – this A5 size one is particularly handy if you use a lot of kits.

How do you store your stickers? Let me know in the comments below!

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