Green Tea Skincare Review

Sheet masks are a great way to try out different ingredients.

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Through sheet masking there’s been quite a few things I’ve found works well with my skin. Red ginseng, snail mucin and green tea.

My skin after using a green tea sheet mask is so much calmer and clearer so I decided to research the ingredient a little more. Green tea seems a bit of a wonder ingredient when it comes to skincare. It’s an antioxidant, anti inflammatory and even helps with ageing and sun damage. No wonder my skin looked and felt so good after a green tea sheet mask.

Given how many benefits green tea seems to have, I decided to pick up some more green tea skincare.

I went with two brands I already know – Innisfree and Tony Moly. 

First up, lets talk eye cream.

This is the Tony Moly The Chok Chock Green Tea Watery Eye Cream.

I have dryness around my eyes so I was hoping the soothing and anti ageing properties of the green tea would help. As it claimed to be a watery eye cream I was hopeful it would sink into the skin nicely and quickly, and not sit heavily on my skin.

I bought this along with another eye cream to try, with Vitamin C in. Unfortunately this eye cream was a bit of a let down. It did sink in nicely as I hoped. However, I didn’t notice any improvements to either to dryness or the brightness around my eyes. In addition, I was struggling to work my make up in around the eyes without any dryness and so with half a tube remaining, I moved onto the vitamin C one, from Its Skin*.

Now onto a more impressive product – Green Tea Seed Serum* from Innisfree.

I burned through this very quickly, using twice a day as my essence/serum step.

I really liked this. Two pumps covered the face well and it soaked in nice and quick. I was using this during a time when my skin was pretty irritated and I was having a few breakouts. This serum worked really well at calming everything down.

I’d say the scent was very natural and plant like, and not overbearing at all. I probably used this whole bottle in around two months, but for the cost (around £14) I don’t think that’s bad value at all. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this to keep on hand for breakouts.

Finally, and again from Innisfree it’s the Green Tea Sleeping Mask*.

If I’m honest, I don’t really understand the difference between a sleeping mask and a moisturiser. At night, I use them both the same. This is probably only half used as I don’t use it every night. It’s a cooling gel that’s been feeling great on my skin during these summer months.

I tend to use this after a sheet mask, as I don’t like following the light cooling of a sheet mask with a heavy moisturiser.

Just like with the serum, I feel the benefits of using this. It calms and moisturises my skin, leaving it looking bright and plump without it feeling or looking greasy. If you have dry skin you might struggle to get the right level of hydration, but on my oily, acne prone skin it’s great.

Green tea is definitely one of my favourite skincare ingredients.

Aside from the Tony Moly eye cream, everything I’ve used that’s had it in has done wonders for my skin. It’s left it looking clearer and healthier and I can’t imagine not using something green tea in my routine each week. In terms of what product green tea works best in, for me it’s definitely the serum or sheet masking steps.

If you have any green tea skincare recommendations let me know in the comments below!