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Ad | My favourite handmade eco friendly purchases

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If you caught my post back in the Summer, you’ll know I’ve been trying to make more conscious decisions to cut down on waste.

Reusable coffee and water bottles, ditching cotton wool pads and no more plastic cutlery were just the start.I wanted to do a follow up this month with the extra additions I’ve made, all purchased from Etsy, and all new favourites.

There’s an unintentional theme to the items I picked up this time – it’s all about storage.

I’d been after a couple of things for a while, and instead of purchasing from a large chain I deliberately wanted to purchase from Etsy.

I wanted something handmade, not mass produced. To be able to support small business while making better decisions for the environment is a win-win.

First up, I wanted to get rid of plastic sandwich bags. Wax wraps* help with that. They are a coated cotton sheet that holds its shape meaning you can wrap them around things to preserve them instead of popping them in nasty plastic bags.

These are from Bee Happy Wax Wraps* and come in a variety of sizes. They even come in XXL for loaves of bread. I opted for the variety pack with three sizes included. 

Mainly I chose the ones from this seller due to the design. I really liked the yellow and the bees. They also match the bamboo cutlery set* I bought earlier in the year.

It’s hard to tell from the picture but there’s a good selection of sizes in this pack. The largest I’m currently using round a large packet of ham and the smallest one will be good for things like blocks of cheese, or going round the tops of cans.

They come with full instructions and are really easy to use. You don’t think it the first time you open the pack, but these wrap around things really easily. Once you get them warmed up they’re very malleable. I’ve had no issues with being unable to seal items well.

I’m so glad I finally bought some of these so I could stop using sandwich bags. They do have a scent to them when they first arrived which I wasn’t expecting, but it’s not a bad smell and doesn’t transfer to any of the foods you’re wrapping up.

At just £10* these are a great purchase and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing some for Christmas presents!

Next up I bought some produce bags to cut down on plastic bags at the supermarket.

These come in a pack of three for £12.45*. These are high quality and really well made. They’re also probably about twice the size I was expecting. 

These will fit so much fresh stuff in at the supermarket. I keep one in my bag at all times for unplanned shopping.

They’re also handy for carrying other food and have been using one of these as a lunch bag.

I can’t recommend these bags* enough. There’s no reason to use those terrible plastic bags in the supermarket now, they’re really well made, a great size and you’ll be able to throw them in the washing machine when they start getting a bit grubby.

Next up is another bag.

This was something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. It’s called a Bento Bag.

This is a great little alternative to a lunch box or bag. It’s a bag where you place the item in the middle and tie the four corners together to create the bag.

I went for the smallest size which wound up a little too small for my lunchbox. However, it’s the perfect size for taking fruit to work. 

I hate having loose fruit in my bag so this is a perfect solution.

These bags range from £5.99 to £7.99* depending on the size which is really reasonable for the quality. The fabric used is beautiful and strong, and the bag is very well made. I love popping this in my work bag each day!

I’m really happy with this latest batch of eco friendly purchases.

I also found some great new Etsy shops. I’ve already got a list going for my next purchase from Battle Green*. If you have any recommendations for more eco friendly swaps I can make, please let me know in the comments below!