Maybelline Snapscara Review (my new favourite tubing mascara)

I’d been putting off buying a new tubing mascara for ages.

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Every one I’ve tried recently has let me down for one reason or another.

Isehan Kiss Me Heroine – first tube tried out very quickly, second tube smudged within hours on me.

Etude House Curl Fix – irritated my eyes like nothing I’ve used before.

Heimish Smudge Stop – eventually drove me mad because so much product used to come out on the brush.

No7 Stay Perfect – didn’t stay perfect. At all.

Thanks to oily lids and contact lenses, I really need tubing mascara.

Otherwise, panda eyes become an issue by the time lunchtime rolls around.

I’m happy with pretty much all of my make up routine and have been for quite a while now, but a good mascara seems to elude me.

I’d been using the best of the bad bunch above (the Isehan one) for far too long so I headed out to the shops and started Googling Western tubing mascaras.

There was a L’oreal one that kept being suggested but I couldn’t find the particular one referenced (one end was supposed to be red, but there were none matching that description). There were others that I saw in articles or Reddit posts but frustratingly, none of the packaging actually referenced that it was tubing, or that it needed just water to be removed. While they may have been called tubing mascaras online, I wanted to make sure before buying it.

Finally, I came across Snapscara.

I’d found it in an article that was a run down of ‘top tubing mascaras’ and unlike most of the others, this actually referenced it – they call it an ‘easy on, easy off’ mascara.

That was good enough for me, so I picked it up.

At £8* this is very decently priced and there’s usually some sort of offer on Look Fantastic like 20% off (which it is as I write this post). This is in line with what I’ve paid for other mascaras as I generally stick to drugstore when it comes to mascara.

Opening it up to use it for the first time, I was struck by the brush.

It was unlike the kind of brushes I normally go for. They’re normally small and less brush-like that this. I was worried I was going to poke my eyes with such a huge brush.

Thankfully, this was actually really easy to use. It captured all my lashes really easily, and gave them great length. This mascara creates just the look I like to go for – a nice wide awake look.

Unlike many other tubing mascaras I’ve used, there wasn’t a huge amount of product on this brush. I only had to give it a few wipes before application. I had no issues of it getting on my skin or interfering with my lenses at all.

Application was great, but was longevity?

As the title of the post gives away, the wear time on this is fantastic. Even at the end of the day I don’t have panda eyes.

I haven’t worn this all day and into the night yet, but I’m super impressed so far. Removal is just like a normal tubing mascara – water and microfibre is all I need to gently remove it. I can see that the review of this on the Look Fantastic mascara comments on how difficult it is to remove. I can only assume they’re not aware it’s a tubing mascara and they’re trying to remove it with eye make up remover or similar.

I’m so glad I found this mascara.

My mascara search was annoying me so much I started looking into just getting some semi-permanent make up instead. Thankfully, I can postpone such drastic action for the time being!