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Doughnut Bag Review & Set Up

I never used to be a backpack person.

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As an adult, I think I’ve only owned three, and today’s post is about the third ever one.

Earlier in the year I was planning a holiday and wanted to take my laptop away with me. I realised I finally needed a backpack and so set about researching.

I loved the style of Kanken backpacks. However, on looking through images there were no internal pockets. I hate having lots of loose things rolling around in my bag so I set about to find an alternative.

After some searching around I found Doughnut Bags. These had a very similar style to Kanken backpacks, had tons of pockets inside, were made from waterproof fabric and came in a range of colours. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll probably be able to guess the colour I chose.

Even though this was purchased for a holiday, this has now become my every day bag.

For years I’ve been taking out handbags that never actually fit everything I needed in. I always had to make comprises about what I carried. Purchasing this backpack made me realise I could carry everything in something that actually looked good.

As a good bag is important for all planner addicts out there I figured a little set up post of what I carry in my bag every day was in order!

Lets start by talking exterior pockets

There’s a very roomy front pocket that is handy for those items you might want to lay your hands on quickly.

With two poppers to keep it closed, this feels secure and so I have no issues dropping my phone and keys in there if needed.

On a day to day basis, I keep a Stojo* collapsible cup and a little bag for toiletries and beauty items. In the summer I also keep a bottle of face mist.

Even with those in there, there’s still loads of room for other things. This is usually my go-to pocket when I’m out shopping to pop stuff in.

Onto the side pockets and where I keep my water bottle and umbrella.

My water bottle of choice is a Chili bottle*. It’s a great size and keeps water nice and cool in the summer. This pocket also fits a normal plastic water bottle, if you’re somewhere without water fountains.

The other side pocket is perfect for an umbrella. It also means you can put it away once you’ve used it without fear of it ruining anything else in the bag.

The rest of the pockets are on the inside of the main bag

It’s a very secure bag with a zip around and the handles at the top with fix together. If you leave your zip at the top there’s no way someone can get into that main pocket without you realising.

Along the back of the main compartment you have a handy location for your laptop. 

I always keep my bamboo cutlery* in there, and my laptop when I need it. This isn’t a huge backpack, so if you have a large laptop like a 17″ it won’t fit in this pocket.

Next to the back pocket are two more side pockets. The use of these pockets is very limited if you have things in the exterior pockets. I therefore keep tote bags in there so they don’t get lost in the main pocket.

In the front there’s a lot more pockets. 

In the first one I keep a string produce bag*. This is just in case I end up food shopping as they’re a great alternative to those horrible plastic bags you buy fresh fruit and veg in.

In front of that is a smaller velcro pocket. 

Here I keep a spare iPhone charging cable.

In front of that, there’s a couple of smaller pockets. I just keep tissues and emergency sun cream (in the summer). 

In terms of what I keep in the main pocket, my Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Ane is always in there.

This is my purse, and also houses my Hobonichi Weeks. 

There’s then plenty of room for whatever else I need for the day. If it’s work, I’ll carry my lunch in here. If it’s a shopping trip I’ll keep it clear so I can fill it with purchases. It’ll also fit in my Delfonics Medium Pouch if I want to do some planning in my Cousin along with my laptop and charger.

I’ve even managed to fit everything needed in here for a night away.

The quality of this backpack is fantastic. The material is water resistant as promised, all the fasteners and zips are high quality and after over six months of near daily use it’s showing no signs of wear and tear. Aside from a couple of marks on the bottom of the bag (as I’m not precious about putting it on the floor) this looks as good as new.

Are you a backpack user? Let me know what you use and why in the comments!