My Hobonichi 2021 Order

It’s that time of year again!

On the 1st September the Hobonichi store opens up so you can make your purchase for the new year. They always have the books as normal, and then release any new covers and accessories. I always like to show what I’ve purchased and how I intend to use them; but will follow with full set up posts later in the year.


hobonichi cousin 2021

I couldn’t live without my Cousin. It’s my daily planner that contains nearly my whole life really! This year I almost purchased the Cookie Monster cover for it, but I just knew with the fur, I wouldn’t be able to keep it looking nice. I’m all about using the things I buy and wouldn’t want it to just sit on a shelf looking pretty. To me, that would be a waste. As an alternative, I purchased the matching pencil board, as I couldn’t let the whole Sesame Street release pass me by! I love Cookie Monster (and already have a lot of Cookie Monster stuff… my old car was actually called Cookie Monster as it was that kind of blue!)

This year the free gifts were the usual pen and with the non-day free Cousin/A6 you also get a brush pen with Hanshi papers which are washi papers often used with brush pens. I will probably give away the brush pen as I have some already that I don’t use.


hobonichi weeks 2021

I was very good this year and only went for one Weeks. This is going to be my health and fitness planner for 2020. I purchased the regular (not Mega) in the beautiful mint colour. This seems to be a popular colour this year based on other people’s orders that I’ve seen.


hobonichi a6 2021

Once again I’ve purchased an Original/A6 size! This time I’ve gone for the day free, so I can try out that format. No idea what this will be used for yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. One thing I noticed on opening the day free is that there’s a cute little flipbook going on with the little fox in the bottom right of each page.

hobonichi a6 day free

I love this little detail and had no idea it existed?

Also in A6, I purchased a weekly supplement. This is going to be my every day carry for 2021. This will be the third Hobonichi I’ve tried as an EDC, I’m hoping this one will work!


Kicking off the accessories, I added to my Drawer Pouch collection, the with the new(ish) Dangle.

hobonichi drawer pouch dangle

I love the idea of this little bag. Perfect for when I don’t need to carry a lot and holds the drawer pouch pocket with a few other bits. I’m also anticipating it’ll be good for travel; as I can pack this away in my main bag and then just use it as needed. Not that I’m going to be doing much travel in the future but I’m being optimistic.

The dangle has impressed me with how high quality it is, with an adjustable leather strap, popper closure and even a little internal pocket. It’s too small for a phone, but perfect for antibac gel (ideal during these times).

hobonichi drawer pouch dangle

Finally, for accessories, I picked up some Kitta washi.

kitta washi

I love this stuff. It’s precut strips of washi, ideal for adding a bit of decoration to my daily spreads. It also folds up and fits nicely in the card pockets of my cover.

kitta washi

This year, the Hobonichi shopping experience was pretty good.

They have changed their shipping to FedEx, and I was really impressed. Although it initially took a few days to ship; once it did it got from Japan to my door in 48 hours! I haven’t had my customs fees through yet, which is another benefit to FedEx; unlike Parcelforce they don’t hold your order to ransom before you can get it. FedEx just send you a bill later.

It’s still expensive to get shipped, but at least you’re not waiting over a week like you were the old way.

Have you ordered your 2021 Hobonichi yet?

Please let me know what you ordered in the comments below!