Beedoo & Co Etsy Shop Review

Something I haven’t written for a while is an Etsy planner sticker haul!

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I’ve got two to share in the coming weeks and this is the first, from Beedoo & Co*.

Since the changes to how customs duties are collected in the UK, I’ve been less weary about ordering Internationally. Before, you paid customs fees when the parcel landed in the UK. That bit wasn’t so bad, but the handling fees were usually several times higher than the actual customs fee and I just refused to pay it, particularly on small orders like stickers. Now, the customs are collected by the seller upfront, and so I only pay that and no handling fee! With this in mind, I was finally able to place an order from Beedoo & Co.

I was first drawn to this shop due to the ‘this is fine’ stickers, and that’s why I have a sheet of them, and a die cut* of it!

Miso the Corgi is the main character in this shop and there’s a great selection of functionals with Miso.

Beedoo and Co review

This is the first batch of stickers, and it’s a good mix of functionals (finances*, happy mail* and posting orders*) and a couple of awesome sassy sheets (this is fine* and dumpster fire*).

I’m impressed with the quality of these. The colours are vibrant and the cuts perfect. The sticker paper is actual paper in texture, but slightly thicker than normal, so they feel have a premium feel.

beedoo and co review

These stickers are a little larger in size than the functional stickers I normally use in my planner. But, they still work well in my Cousin.

hobonichi cousin weekly spread

I have no idea what I’m going to do with these die cuts, but they were too cute to pass up. They’re also holographic!

Beedoo & Co Etsy Shop Review

I don’t expect freebies with any orders, but I love it when a shop does them well.

Beedoo & Co Etsy Shop Review

I really enjoyed my order from Beedoo & Co*! This shop is definitely on the ‘to re-order’ list!