Desk Storage Essentials

Something I’ve not shared on the blog is my desk set up

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When I moved two years ago, I converted the dining room in my new home into my office space. As it was in a communal area, I needed to change up the desk I had to a more ‘form over function’ style. This also meant having a smaller desk where storage was at a premium. This meant I had to rethink how I stored my stationery in and around my desk.

I’ve finally got my desk and storage set up perfectly and wanted to share some of my favourite items.

Desk items

My main storage on my desk is a now discontinued letter rack from Osco. I’ve had this for years and found it to be really adaptable as desk storage. This currently houses so much. It now holds my iPad (on charge), sticker kits from Sterling Ink, post it notes, my habit tracking notepad* and my Hobonichi Weeks*. The two smaller slots at the front are perfect for smaller items that I need to quickly grab. Keeping a couple of pens next to the Weeks also works.

bamboo letter rack

The collapsible crate* is a recent addition. This is a handy item for storing random bits. It’ll generally have hand cream and lip balm in there, plus any other bits occasionally. It’s also a great place to prop my phone up, so I can see the screen. I have kept ephemera in there at some points too. Even when not filled, I like just having something to tidy small things away in.

collapsible crate

The last item for desk storage is more of a tip. I always reuse nice candle jars and this one is one of my favourites. I was after a pen pot for the desk and realised I should use this jar instead. It fits in with the style of the desk and holds my most used pens and my tweezers.

pen pot

Cart storage

Like most people (it feels like) I have a Raskog trolley from Ikea. I have one in blue and one in grey. The grey fits in well next to the desk and doesn’t look too out of place.

Recently, I rearranged the top so that my in use planners and stickers are at the top where I can grab them.

raskog trolley

My favourite cart storage item is my Penco storage caddy*.

penco caddy

The set up of this is perfect for my washi, highlighters and a couple of other commonly used bits. I don’t use washi all that regularly any more, and so the fact I have to stack the washi two rolls high isn’t a huge issue for me.

My medium Delfonics pouch is another must have storage item. I’ve had this in various location and set ups in the past. It’s ideal for desk or desk adjacent storage due to the different sized pockets.

delfonics pouch

As I don’t have drawers in my desk, I currently use this pouch to hold a lot of the smaller items that don’t really have a home anywhere else.

When it comes to pens, I like to have them out rather than hiding away in pencil cases. Clear drawers are perfect for that. I have a small three drawer* and a larger five drawer (which I can’t seem to find online anymore).

osco drawers

I don’t go into these drawers (that also hold a few other stationery bits) very often, which is why I don’t mind that I have to pull them out to either use the bottom drawer on the large one or the smaller ones.

I love a good bit of organisation

Rearranging my desk space has been a common procrastination activity for many years. At the moment though, I think I’m pretty set. The storage pieces I have are really working for me, and everything I need to grab quickly is within reaching distance, which is what I needed from this set up.

Have you got any favourite stationery storage items? Let me know in the comments!