One Book July: Week Two Check In

As promised, I’m here with a little check in as to how my One Book July project is turning out.

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If you haven’t seen my set up post, I recommend taking a look at that, as I won’t be going through the full set up in detail here.

Future log/Monthly layout

Both of these are working really well. I haven’t needed to refer to the future log much, but I definitely don’t regret putting it in the notebook. The monthly layout is exactly what I’ve needed. Clear space for plans, plus lots of room for any date specific tasks. This has come in very handy when planning out my week.

monthly layout

The social media layout has also been working well. It’s also been nice having it in my main planner, instead of in a separate book (usually it’s in my Cousin). I was worried about running out of space at the bottom for Instagram content ideas, but it’s not been an issue so far.

LT1917 pocket

When it comes to monthly views though, my habit tracker* has been my favourite spread so far.

habit tracker notepad

Having one place for all my habits that I check in with once a day instead of having them spread across a few different pages keeps me on track and up to date with them much better.

One thing I have changed is adding a few more Coco Fusen tabs* to this book. I did tire of flicking through the pages a lot pretty quickly.

Weekly layout

I’ve made a couple of changes to this, but it’s largely the same as the original set up.

bullet journal weekly layout

The first week I found that the sticker I’d used led to a bit of wasted space in the top left, so I used stickers from my ‘Planning Basics’* set the following week.

bujo weekly layout

The following week, I managed to miscount the lines I needed for seven days, so Sunday ended up too small. That’s the only issue I’ve had with the weekly layout so far, the amount of space to pre-plan. I’m limited to three tasks a day (per category). So if there’s anything else I need to remember for that week, I end up adding it to the top of the layout that should be for non day specific tasks.

The final amendment that I’ve made to the weekly layout so far is adding a few more lines. I don’t like spending a lot of time drawing out layouts, but I did find without horizontal lines that it was sometimes tricky working out where to write a task for a certain date.

weekly bullet journal layout

Daily pages

These are exactly as you’d think and have been working well. Sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve not used enough of the page width because a lot of my daily logs are just short tasks. Dividing the page into two would have just made it too narrow so I decided to add a few stickers to fill out the pages and make them a little prettier.

daily log

Collections added to the notebook

As I’m using this for everything, I’ve added a few collections. My favourite one has been a regular tasks layout.

bullet journal collection

I’ve loved having something to refer to when setting up my week. I can sometimes forget random tasks that need to be done regularly, so I use this to refer to. This is definitely something I’ll be taking to the next planner I set up.

I’ve also started thinking about next year’s planners. Everyone seems to be doing pre-orders already (which seems crazy early) so I’ve started thinking about what I really need to stop me from ordering them all before I have my system worked out.

One part of my set up I’m not enjoying is my pen. Although I love having the different colours and the pencil in the Jetstream*, I don’t like my writing with it. So I’ve done a little pen test page to try out some alternatives.

pen test page

Carrying a pen with this notebook has been my only annoyance of this set up. It’s too wide for the Leuchtturm pen loop and if I hook it over the cover it leaves an indent on it, so it’s not ideal. Because it’s a multipen, if it is up against the side of the notebook (using the elastic on the notebook to keep it there) it bends the pages, too. A smaller pen that doesn’t get in the way as much would definitely be preferable.

On the whole I’m loving this set up so far

I’ve tweaked the layouts just nicely and the size is perfect. It fits in all my bags and even though the space dedicated as purse space (the plastic pocket in the front for cards and the pocket at the back for coupons) is small, it works perfectly. So much so, it’s tempting to keep this set up post July. Or at least for as long as the notebook lasts. Given there’s only 120 pages, and I’m already on page 29 two weeks in, I don’t think it’ll last too long.

Are you doing One Book July this year? If you are, let me know how it’s going in the comments!