One Book July: Pocket Bullet Journal Set Up

Week one of One Book July and I’m sharing my set up!

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I don’t think I’ve ever set up such a small planner and I really enjoyed it.

Perhaps the novelty will wear off in a week or so, but for now I’m loving this little set up.

a6 leuchtturm in orange

I kept things simple with the cover, with just a die cut sticker* from the shop. The colour match between the sticker and the notebook is better than it looks in the picture – the lighting is making it look more yellow than it is.

The pen I’m choosing to use with this is a Uni Jetstream 4+1*. I selected this because I really want to strip back all of my supplies this July and wanted a pen I could do everything with. This has four ink colours so I can do my colour coding, plus a pencil and an eraser at the end. So to set up and use this notebook, this is the only pen I’ll need.

Opening up the notebook, I added a little more decoration


I added a plastic pocket* in the front cover. This is for my bank cards as I’ll be using this as a purse also (replacing my Passport TN for the month).

I don’t normally do deco like this in planners, but I wanted to experiment with washi and some of my Suatelier stickers*. I actually really like how this turned out!

Next up, I’ve just my index pages.

bullet journal index

I added a few sticky notes, so I could use these pages as a mini dashboard if needed.

Next, I go into my future log.

I didn’t want to draw out lots of calendars. I also wanted didn’t want to use up a lot of pages for this part.

bullet journal future log

Using these blank calendar stickers* worked out perfectly. I used some stickers from my planning basics range* for the months. It was pure luck that the monthly stickers fit perfectly in the calendar ones and I love it. Underneath the calendar I’ve written in any plans or events I already know about. I’ll add to it as I go along. I use Zig Clean Colour Dot* pens for the colour coding.

I added a post it with my colour code and then realised it wasn’t the best idea. If I mark something as one thing and add the colour (e.g. event) but then something else comes up, I can’t add the colour for multiple on top. I really just need to be able to see at a glance if I have a plan, so hopefully having a colour on there will at least help me do that.

Then I go straight into my July set up.

lt1917 cover page

Like my last bullet journal set up, I kept things simple with the cover page. To keep all my habit tracking in one place, I stuck in a page from my habit tracker notepad*.

Then I go into my full calendar for the month.

a6 bullet journal

I matched the washi I’d used in the previous page, and added it to the edge of the page, so I could find it easier. I drew out this spread but if I stay in this past July I’ll do something simpler. It’s a straight forward spread with colour coding. However, the space on the right is something I’ve really been missing in my Weeks. It’s a place to write week specific tasks. Then, at the bottom, I’ve left space for other monthly tasks that aren’t date specific.

Finally, for my monthly set up, I have my content planner. This is normally in my Hobonichi Cousin.


I’ve split the month across two pages, with each page split into two columns. The left hand column is for IG posts and the right hand is for YouTube videos. I wish I’d moved this up a bit as I’m now lacking in space at the bottom for planning out. The bottom right hand is for videos planned for the month, with dots to indicate when I’ve filmed, edited and uploaded them. The bottom of the left hand page will have a similar set up, but for Instagram posts.

Next we go straight into my weeklies.

I’ve tried to replicate the set up in my Hobonichi Weeks which has been working out for me.

bullet journal weekly set up

The week is split into four columns, and I’ve used the planning basics stickers for the days and dates.

The columns are for the following:

Life tasks
Shop tasks
Content tasks

Then, at the top I’ll write everything I’m waiting on that week, and any non day specific tasks.

These pages are purely for pre-planning only. Once I get into the day itself, I’ll switch into my daily logs.

daily log

I’ll use a sticker* to mark out each day. Then I’ll just use these as traditional daily logs.

One of the things I love about this notebook is the pocket at the back.

leuchtturm back pocket

This is going to be used to store the stickers I’m using in this set up, along with anything from my purse I need to carry. This will likely just be coupons or receipts. This should really help me keep to just this for July, and not creep back into my Passport TN at least.

I’m really happy with how this turned out.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with an update of how this set up is working out!