How to bullet journal in a Hobonichi Weeks

I’ve recently been moving back towards bullet journaling

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As you may have seen on the blog recently, I set up a bullet journal in an A5 LT1917. I loved having a set up where I could capture more ‘in day’ whilst still being organised through pre-planning.

bullet journal weekly spread

Problem was, I don’t love this notebook.

I don’t like the hardcover, the dot grid is too big, and the paper isn’t great quality.

I loved the system though and how I had it set up. So I decided to try and set up this system in my Hobonichi Weeks.

The first week, I pretty much set up my weekly as I had it in my LT1917

hobonichi weeks weekly layout

I’d seen people bullet journal in the notes pages of the Weeks before, but I need to see my weekly and daily views together. I hate flicking back and forth when I’m using my planner, so keeping the LT1917 layout was a must.

As I had some new sticker kits* that I’d just released, I also wanted to try them out with the bujo set up.

I really liked how this turned out, but the following week I made one tweak.

hobo weeks weekly spread

I missed having a ‘waiting on’ section. Given I didn’t need the full right hand page for my daily logs, I knew I could carve out some space for that.

This was a really nice set up. It was super functional and pretty at the same time.

Except the fountain pen ink smear

Me and fountain pens are currently having a falling out. Even when I leave the ink to dry and use blotting paper, I still smudge it. I’ve realised it’s because I’ve been using hand moisturiser more.

So the for the next week, I went back to basics with my Hobonichi pen.

weeks layout

I also changed up the left hand page to split it out into categories.

Although I liked the previous layout, I did miss the way that I used to split out my Cousin weekly pages.

hobonichi cousin weekly pages

I decided to try and see if I could recreate that but with a much smaller space.

The left hand column is ‘life’ and this includes all my events and life tasks.

The middle column is for everything shop related.

Finally, the right hand column is for everything non shop Lethbridge Paper related.

Being able to split out into categories worked so much better for me and allows me to pre-plan my week more efficiently.

I ditched the kit for this week just while I got used to the set up. I just used a fineliner to create some margins for the check marks and also added in an extra section next to ‘waiting on’. This houses tasks for the week that I know in advance, but there’s not a set day they need to be done.

I could just plan them out across the week (as I used to in my Cousin) however with limited space for pre-planning each day, I didn’t want to fill the area up with tasks that didn’t need to be done on that day.

How I set up the week

So with tasks for the same day being in two places, you may be wondering how I manage this.

Basically, the left hand page is for pre-planning only. Once it gets to the day I switch into using the right hand page only. If a task crops up on Monday for Monday, is goes in that daily log. If it crops up on Monday for Thursday, it gets written in Thursday on the left hand page.

As everything is together in this spread, I don’t miss any tasks as it’s no bother to look at both pages. I use simple stickers* to mark out each day, so it’s easy to see them.  But this is where I wouldn’t be able to put the daily logs in the notes pages, as there I would miss things back on the weekly spread.

My monthly set ups remain unchanged

Another bonus of bullet journaling in the Weeks which I haven’t yet mentioned is how the core spreads are obviously already set up. No drawing required! The rest of the planner remains unchanged from my original set up, although I do miss having somewhere in the monthly view to put date specific tasks.

hobonichi weeks monthly view

I’m now coming to the end of week four in this layout and I love it

It’s really working for me. Now I’ve got the system down, I’m probably going to experiment with adding some sticker kits back in.

Have you bullet journaled in a Weeks before? Let me know in the comments!