Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket – Mini Pencil Case Set Up

I don’t like to carry a huge amount of stationery with me

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Most of the time I just carry my Passport TN and a pen. However sometimes I’m travelling or at work and need a few extra bits. I realised that the Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket that I had collecting dust would be perfect for a mini pencil case set up.

Passport TN and Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket

At just a little smaller than the Passport TN, it doesn’t bulk up my bag but allows me to carry loads of extra stationery with me.

Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket open

Today, I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the pouch!

Outside pocket

This originally was set up as a mini purse. The outside card slot makes it perfect for this.

Washi cards

In this new set up, this now holds some washi cards*. I just picked out a random selection of tapes to wrap around.

Inside pockets

There’s two extra cards pocket in here, along with two larger gusseted pockets.

In one side I have a couple of sheets of stickers.

transparent stickers

These are just some transparent stickers that I don’t use in my regular planning. I don’t use these loads, but I like to have a couple of stickers to hand.

In the other, I have some sticky notes and Coco Fusen tabs*.

Coco fusen and sticky notes

I always need random bits of paper and these help me not rip them out of my planner. Coco Fusen are just a stationery staple for me now. If I write something I need to refer back to later in my Passport, I need a tab to remember that.

In the rest of the pockets I have some pens and a couple of tools.

highlighter and fountain pen

The highlighter* is more for work purposes. The fountain pen* is partly picked because it’s the perfect size, but also because I don’t use it enough. I’m hoping by carrying it around with me, it’ll finally get some use.


These are my favourite fineliners*. I picked a couple of my favourite colours and a black in case I need to do any line work. Finally I have a couple of essentials – mini scissors and tweezers.

I love this cute little set up

I’m sure as I use it, I’ll find more things I might want to carry, but for now I’m really happy with this.

If you have a similar mini set up I’d love to know what your essentials are in the comments!