Passport TN Setup

I finally gave in and purchased a passport TN last year.

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Before Covid, I used a Hobonichi A6 as my EDC, and carried it in a Hobonichi Ane pouch as a purse. However, after Covid, I really wanted to slim down what I carry on a daily basis. After watching all the videos from Lindsey Scribbles and her passport TN setup, I decided to finally buy another TN. (If you want to take a look at my other TN setups, there are a couple of posts here and here.) As it was all about something small, I went with passport size, in camel*.

Part of the reason I went for the TN, was the canvas pockets* that you can now get for them. This makes it perfect for the wallet set up I wanted.

This is in a beautiful mustard colour and wraps around my monthly insert nicely.

On the left hand side it has two pockets. In here I hold petrol receipts (that I need to claim expenses at work) and any coupons or gift cards I have. Opposite this, I have an adhesive pocket that holds my main bank card and ID. This is basically everything I would need whilst out shopping.

The monthly insert is just the one from Travelers Company.

This is where the Jetstream pen* I use comes in handy. It’s got multiple colours and a pencil, so I can do colour coding and then write in any pre-planning, or anything not set in stone, in pencil.

I’m not big on decoration in my on the go planner, just using some washi tape and script stickers* from the shop for the months. I also just added some tabs* for the months.

Next, I have the back of my canvas pocket (which just houses some stickers) and one half of a plastic insert*. This holds some post it notes and my other, lesser used bank cards.


Behind the card pockets in this plastic wallet, I keep some sticker release paper.

This comes in really handy as I also take this when travelling. I love picking up as many ephemera as possible on holiday to then use in scrapbooking. Sometimes I’m able to peel stickers off things, and having this in here lets me keep them until I get home.

I then have a dot grid notebook* decorated with some MU print on stickers*.

I use this just for notes on the go. There’s no set plan for them. Random YT ideas, or a little bit of bullet journalling for example. It doesn’t get a massive amount of use, but I don’t like being out without something to write on.

In the back, I just have the other side of my plastic insert. This just holds my favourite tabs* for any pages I need to get quickly, and some stamps.

I’ve been using this for around six months and I really like the setup. The small size did take a little getting used to. I also needed to invest in a clip* pretty quickly. The inserts definitely do not lay flat without one and it gets very irritating.

If you want to see a proper flip through of this, you can take a look at the setup video on my YT channel.