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Hobonichi Ane Pouch Set Up

I’ve been using my Ane Pouch as a purse for a while now.

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I started off with a yellow one and swapped it for the beautiful Mermaid style when I managed to get my hands on one. This design is beautiful and wish it was available still, and on other pouches. I absolutely love Drawer Pouches, and there’s now five different varieties available. I love the Hobonichi store, but their shipping gets very expensive. Instead, I tend to buy a lot of my Hobonichi items from stores like this* on Etsy.

hobonichi mermaid ane pouch closed

I wrote a Hobonichi Ane Pouch set up post on this last year and it worked well for me. However, after moving to an A6 Avec in 2020, I’ve got a little more space in the Ane, and so I decided to adjust how I use this. I realised I’d started carrying far too many little bags and pouches and I could probably merge everything just in the Ane with the spare space I had.

So, I set about reconfiguring my set up and after a few weeks, I can say it’s really working. This is now pretty much the only thing I need to carry on a daily basis.

The exterior pocket on the pouch is the perfect size for my phone.

It means that if I wanted to carry this as a clutch, I really could. I think car keys could be tricky to store in the main body, but I’m usually wearing some sort of jacket with a pocket.

hobonichi drawer pouch and phone

I am super paranoid about the pouch sustaining any damage or marks though, so this is general kept in my handbag or backpack when I’m out. When I’m the house it lives on the side of my desk, open. I love having this so easily accessible on my desk. This does mean that reaching for my credit card to make an online purchase is a little too easy!

As I don’t tend to use the exterior pocket for a phone, this is the perfect place for receipts. Fuel receipts in particular. I sometimes travel for work and need to claim back the mileage. Having the exterior pocket as the home for them, keeps them easily accessible.

Once opened, the pouch is broadly split in three.

One side is mainly my purse, the other side is for planning, and the middle is for ‘useful items’.

The ‘purse’ side has everything you would expect. All my bank cards and store cards. There’s loads of card slots in this, which I love as I usually run out of space for cards in purses. Behind the card slots there is one larger pocket. This is ideal for shop coupons. I’m terrible at remembering to the use them, but at least in this pouch, they’re easy to grab as I’m paying.

hobonichi drawer pouch open

In the large area in front of the card slots I keep my powerbank. It’s just a small 4000mAh one, but it’s handy to have.

There’s more card slots on the other side of the pouch.

This is probably the bit that gave me the biggest issue when doing the set up. I don’t have that much stuff to put in the slots. In the end I settled on post its, stamps and business cards. Along the back there’s another large pocket, which I use to carry the stickers that I use in my A6. I keep things very simple in my A6 and just use simple shape stickers in the monthly pages to denote any events.

hobinichi ane pouch open

In front of the card slots is where I keep my A6. This is my every day carry planner and has a very simple set up, which you can see here. I mainly carry it as I feel like I’d be lost without one, even though I don’t refer to it often.

The middle of the pouch contains a zip pocket.

This is the perfect place for my daily essentials. A pen, perfume, painkillers, spare contact lenses and lip balm. It all fits in here!

hobonichi mermaid ane drawer pouch open

Next to the zipped pocket, there is another large separate pocket. This has another couple of card sized pockets and just one large area. One of the card size pockets contains a little pouch carrying cash. I never use cash but always carry a small amount in case of emergency. The large area holds cables – my phone charger and headphones. These are kept neat by using Oli Clips*. I can’t remember where I saw them used for cables, but I was so glad I did! They are perfect and add a nice amount of pretty colour into this pouch. I purchased mine in the UK from The Organised Hedgehog*.

hobonichi pouch storage ideas

I’m really happy with this Hobonichi Ane Pouch Set Up.

Obviously thanks to the lock down it hasn’t exactly been leaving the house much lately. However, even on my desk it’s a great little bit of storage. I probably got about two months of this set up before lock down happened and it really was working for me. It really has everything I need day to day.

Have you got a Hobonichi Ane Pouch? How are you using it?

hobonichi ane drawer pouch

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