How does Beauty Pie work? [My first order!]

I’ve been debating signing up to Beauty Pie for a while.

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I finally took the plunge as I’ve been needing to make a step change with my skincare. I found a code for a first month free (you can use my referral code by clicking here to get the same) and decided to give it a whirl.

Today I thought I’d give an overview as to how does Beauty Pie actually work and share my first order.

beauty pie order


They cover most beauty bases – make up, facial skincare, body and even candles and fragrance. They’re constantly working on new products so there’s usually something new to try each month.

The whole premise is that these products are just as good as leading brands – using the same formulas and labs as the best products in the world. They can then deliver these products to you at a reduced price because they don’t waste money on lots of expensive packaging, marketing and the like. If you check out the Beauty Pie Community Facebook group you can usually find out what a lot of the products are supposed to be dupes of. Some, you’ll probably be able to guess yourself.

Members Price and Typical Price

All products on the website have two prices. The price that the product ‘should’ retail at and price you pay as a member.


This is essentially a subscription service, starting at £5 a month, up to £50. The amount you pay each money directly equates to how much ‘allowance’ you have to spend each month. £5 gives you £50, £10 gives you £100 and so on. They also have an annual membership that works in a similar way to the monthly membership in terms of monthly allowances, but you basically get two months free.

The allowance relates to the Typical Price mentioned above. You will only every pay the member price, but you have to keep an eye on the Typical Price because that it what limits your orders each month.

For example, if you have a £5 a month membership you have £50 allowance to spend. If you wanted to purchase this body moisturiser* (it’s on my list once I’ve worked through my backlog) because the Typical Price is £50 that is all you could buy that month. All you would pay is £16.01 member price (plus shipping). The membership auto renews at the same time each month so you’ll also be paying £5, but that is taken automatically on your renewal date.

You can ‘save up’ your allowance as anything unspent gets rolled over into the next month. So, if you really wanted this serum* for instance. As it’s Typical Price is £80, you could not buy anything one month, to then have £100 saved up to purchase this serum the next.

I signed up to the £10 a month subscription, but in your first month you get a boost, so I had £150 ‘allowance’ to spend.

For this, I purchased four products – a hand cream, eye cream, foot cream and a serum.

first beauty pie order

Super Retinol Hand Cream*

Typical Price: £40; Members Price: £8.11.

Beauty Pie Super Retinol Hand Cream

I hate my hands. They’ve always been dry and quite wrinkly. I’m not sure I believe in anti-ageing hand cream, but I wanted to give it a try. You get 75ml in this tube, which for £8 is really reasonable. I’ve only been using it for a few days so I’ll reserve judgement for when I’ve finished the tube.

Superdrops Flash Face Lift*

Typical Price: £50; Members Price: £11.69.

superdrops flash face lift serum

With my acne seemingly under control, I need to give more focus to anti ageing. This serum is well reviewed and includes a lot of fancy sounding ingredients. It says to use it for six weeks to see the difference but after a couple of weeks use, I like the results so far. My skin definitely looks brighter. You only need 6/7 drops of this, so this 30ml bottle will likely last a good while.

Footopia Foot Cream*

Typical Price: £20; Members Price: £6.43.

beauty pie footopia

I get a lot of dry skin on my feet. Lots of walking and climbing doesn’t really help. For under £7 this was worth a try. First impressions are good with this so far. My feet feel soft and refreshed after use.

Super Retinol Eye Cream*

Typical Price: £60; Members Price: £7.76.

super retinol eye cream

I’m still in search of an eye cream works on my fine lines and keeps the area hydrated. This is another well reviewed line and is spoken about quite a lot on the BP Facebook group. Again, I’ve not been using this long but first impressions are good.

Together, this haul cost £30.34 including postage.

For all the product I received, it’s really good value. Even when you add in the £10 membership I would have had to pay, this is still good value.

So far I’ve been happy with everything I’ve used. I don’t use much high end skincare to compare it to, but as long as I think the products do their job, I’ll be happy. I’ll post follow up reviews of the individual products once I’ve been using them for at least six weeks. Hopefully, I’ll still like the products!

If you have any questions on how it works, please leave me a comment below! And if you want to sign up and get a free month, don’t forget to use my referral link! (Full disclosure, if you use this link I get £50 of extra allowance to spend).

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