Fitness Planner Set Up in a Travelers Notebook

When I reviewed the Nomad Factory TN I said I’d be back with a set up post for it and here I am!

A couple of months ago I started running and with that started trying to take more care of myself. I’ve bought myself a fitness watch (which I love) and decided to set up a planner to help keep me on track. While the app for the watch comes with lots of info and stats, you just can’t beat tracking things like workouts on good old paper.

The Set Up – insert one

I’ve kept this really simple. I’ve also kept most of the inserts that came with the TN. The first insert is the graph paper insert – my favourite of the three that came with the notebook cover. These are the pages I use the most. They’re essentially my plan for each month. I have my goals and measurements which I was previously recording in inserts from USPI also wanted to start seeing at the glance how many times each month I was exercising. I filled the space underneath goals and measurements with this little tracker. Hopefully some months this will be filled with colour!

On the next page I also colour in the number of miles ran each month. I was previously tracking this on my monthly pages in my Hobonichi but I prefer the colourful representation here.The next part is something I experimented with for May. This tracks my steps and calories for each day. The hope was that the steps bars would be very long each day and the calories not so long. Also that if I did max out on my calorie intake that at least I’d done loads of steps to compensate. That sadly didn’t happen as you can see! Seeing it like this on the chart though has definitely helped me in terms of seeing just how bad I’ve been lately. Hopefully next month’s will look a little better!

Insert two

Next up is the lined insert, and this houses my 5k run times. I’ve kept this spread really simple. It’s nice to see the progression of my times and all those PB’s though!This page is a really good one to demonstrate the quality of this paper. It’s got a bit of everything on it – brush pens, fountain and gel. Yet no bleeding or ghosting. 

Insert three

Finally for my inserts is one that came from my last travelers notebook. This is a meal planning insert from Travelers Times and it’s perfect. It’s where I do my meal planning each while ordering the food shop. Along with the a list of meal ideas in the back of the lined insert, I should have everything I need to at least plan to eat well each week.

I’ve kept the kraft pocket insert that comes with the TN in here too. I figured it would be handy if I came across any recipe ideas in magazines.

I’m really liking having a separate planner just for health and fitness. I’m hoping if I have something separate to refer to and fill in each day it should keep me accountable for my goals. The fact that this Nomad Factory TN is beautiful also helps! I’m definitely planning on reviewing and improving this each month. I’ve been doing a lot of research of bullet journal spreads that I can incorporate into this. If you’ve got a health and fitness set up in a TN I’d love to see it – drop me a link in the comments below!

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