Melano CC Serum Review

The next step in my skincare journey had to be vitamin C

Now that I was getting the acne under control, I needed to start trying to fix the evidence of my old acne. Vitamin C is the ingredient that’s everywhere right now. Not only is it great for fading any scarring, it’s supposedly fantastic for anti-ageing. Given I’m also finally thinking about anti-ageing when it comes to my skincare this was a handy extra benefit to the vitamin C.

There seemed to be a few popular vitamin C serums that everyone seems to speak about. One in particular stood out as reasonably priced and particularly effective, Melano CC. 

Where to buy

I purchased this from Amazon. At less than £12* I didn’t think it was a bad price. I couldn’t find anywhere UK based to purchase it from though so I had a little wait for it. When it comes time to re-order I’ll have to bare that in mind and order well in advance.

Unlike some Korean beauty products I’ve been using, this had zero English on the packaging! This might be off-putting for some, but I’d done enough research online to be confident in how to use.

Other than the language, the first thing you may notice with this is how tiny the tube is! While I was taken aback by the size (even though I knew it was only 20ml) I’d read plenty of reviews about how long this tube actually lasts so I wasn’t too concerned. It’s definitely something to be aware of though before you purchase.


Because this is quite a strong ingredient and some people can react to it, particularly if you start using too much too soon, I started slowly with this. With any actives I’ve started using the ‘1,2,3’ approach. Once a week for one week, twice a week for two weeks and three times a week for three weeks.

The tiny tube also has a tiny hole at the end of it, so getting product out of this is a bit tricky. This is perhaps why people say it lasts ages! It’s a very runny serum, so I’ve been using the equivalent of a 10p piece amount of product each time. This has a very strong scent to it and so if you’re not a fan of oranges, you may struggle to use this. On days I’m not wearing make up I can smell this on my face throughout the day.

I initially started using it on an evening and so saw results straight away. The next morning I could see where my old acne scarring had faded. I then switched to using it on a morning as I started to increase usage. I don’t like using actives on the same day as other actives and my evening routines were getting pretty full.


I’ve been using this for just over a month now, three times a week in the morning and I’m absolutely seeing improvements in my skin. Areas which had been an issue for months were finally starting to clear up. For the first time in a really long time I’ve actually been going to work with a light coverage foundation on!

Where I’ve had a couple of new nasty spots though, while it has settled them down quicker, the scarring hasn’t quite cleared down as quick as I’d have liked. However I was still only using this three times a week. I’ve therefore started upping my usage to five times a week with a view to eventually using it every day.

I’ve have no irritation using this at all. No dryness or flare ups. My skin has taken to it really well, despite using other actives at the time.

I’m really happy with this serum, and glad I chose this one. Despite a month of use I’ve barely used any of the tube so I can see this lasting a while. I’ve seen great results with use only three times a week so I can imagine it’ll only improve as I increase the use to daily. At only £12* this is really good value for money and I’ll definitely be repurchasing. 

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