Kate Spade Wellesley Planner Review

So I was alerted to rather a good deal on Ebay a few weeks ago.

A good condition Kate Spade planner with the polka dot lining.

I don’t fangirl over these planners, nor do I consider it my ‘unicorn’ but I’ve always loved the look of this planner and wanted to try one one day. When this deal came up I decided to take the plunge and buy it, safe in the knowledge that due to it’s popularity if for some reason I did hate it, I could sell it on and probably not lose any money.

It arrived just a days later and I found myself very excited – maybe I really wanted one of these more than I thought!


It’s so pretty to look at! It feels sturdy without being too heavy and had obviously been looked after by the previous owner. The zip is a really nice quality and it’s just an all round lovely planner. I could imagine carrying this around no problem and not being worried about it getting easily damaged.


The lining was just as nice in person.

kate spade

As you can see there’s a little mark on the pen loop – sadly I don’t recall seeing this on the Ebay listing.

I love the pockets on this planner – there’s so many! I could see me filling this up nicely and having everything I needed in one place – not like the Original with it’s annoying amount of pockets!


Look at all the storage!

I made some lovely new black and white inserts for 2016 and started loading up the planner but I just could not get it to lie flat. I have always avoided Filofaxes that don’t lay flat out of the box for this reason and I made an exception here. I tried training it and could get it to lay flat for a short time, but as soon as I zipped it up and then opened it back up again it went back to how it was before. Even when it was flat, the middle of the planner that contained the back of the zip was raised and would get in the way. Then there was the zip itself that kind of bugged me when I was trying to write in it.

I tried. I really tried. But it’s not meant to be. After a few days of trying to get it set up, I made the decision that it just wasn’t going to work for me. I was spoiled by the Original’s ability to lie flat and not have anything that would get in the way when I was trying to use it. I knew if I tried to use this this year I just wouldn’t end up using it at all, and thus I’d become very unorganised.

I love this planner; it’s really beautiful but maybe this is just my way of finding out that zipped planners are not for me (I can stop lusting after the zipped Pennybridge I guess now). I know whoever buys it from me will love it and appreciate it much more than I will. Maybe once I’ve sold this I should finally buy that Malden I’ve been after for so long!

Em x

P.S. I’m going to be placing this on Ebay probably this week, but if you don’t see it and are interested in buying this, drop me an email or Etsy message and I’ll let you know if it’s still available.