Latest Etsy hauls

Time for another round up of my most recent Etsy hauls.

I’m hoping there won’t be another one of these posts next month – I’m really trying to cut down on my online shopping at the moment. I’ve also accumulated quite a stash of stickers and so don’t really need any more stickers for a while.

First up is probably my new favourite shop, Bubba Bear Studiosbubba bear studiosI keep my orders under £15 when ordering from outside the EU for customs reasons and really struggled to just keep it to these few stickers. These stickers arrived from America quickly, packaged beautifully and with a lovely little sheet of freebies (bottom right sheet). The stickers are printed on paper and they’re a really high quality with accurate cuts and vibrant colours. These are probably some of the strongest colours I’ve seen on paper stickers. Very happy!

Another great new shop I’ve found is Sugarloop. IMG_7101There’s a fantastic range in the shop but thankfully when it came to my £15 limit due to the great prices I was able to pick up quite a few sheets. These stickers came all the way from New Zealand bursting with lots of little freebie stickers and just like Bubba Bear Studios, had a lovely note! These stickers are also printed on paper and although I mainly went for pastels with these you can see on the banners how vibrant the brighter colours are. You’ll have probably already seen me use the little heart checklists all over my spreads and I’ll definitely be needing more soon!

Finally was a new shop that hadn’t been open for long. I’m always keen to discover new shops and this shop has stickers printed on transparent paper – Emelys Planner ShopemelyThere is a massive range in this shop – 25 pages of listings! As you can see these stickers are less vibrant than the others and this is my biggest issue with the stickers. The listing pictures aren’t of the actual stickers, they’re just computer generated and I’ve found with shops that do that more often than not the stickers just aren’t as bright as they appear to be on Etsy. I did however like those that are printed on the transparent paper and I’ll be on the lookout for more stickers like those from elsewhere in future.

So two shops I really love this month! I’m always on the look out for new shops (ready for when I do need some more stickers) so if you have any great recommendations please let me know in the comments!

Em x

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