Trying some old card designs in a new way

I’m always talking about how much I like cards I make yet I very rarely make anymore of them.

My stocks of birthday cards were depleted so I had a little crafty session to stock up and decided to revisit some of my favourite cards I’d recently made.

First up I wanted to put a cute spin on a scraps card I really liked. scraps cardI’ve been neglecting my paper flowers lately and so wanted to put them to good use on a card. I love the bright pinks here – this is a more modern take on the last card I made in this style.

Sticking with a simple but modern theme I wanted to make sure I had a couple of male cards on hand (as they’re always the ones I struggle with) and put a slightly different spin on this card from earlier in the year.squares kiteI love the mix of colours here and this is another great card to use my scraps up with. The kite didn’t cut out so well on my Silhouette (it never does with smaller cuts on card) so I added the black to cover up the fraying of the card.

I made two each of these cards so I’ve got a few ready for any birthdays coming up but I really should plan in a monthly card making session or something so I’ve always got some cards to hand. Do you keep many cards aside for a rainy day? Let me know what you do in the comments below!

Em x