Keena Prints Etsy Shop Review

Time to go back to an Etsy shop I haven’t visited in a really long time

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I thought it had been about three years since I ordered from Keena Prints*.

I just checked, and November 2016 was when I first placed an order. Four and a half years! It’s quite nice to be purchasing from a shop all these years later. Going through my Etsy purchase history, there’s so many shops that I used to use that sadly no longer exist.

Anyway, the reason I liked Keena Prints is the small sheets you can purchase. It allows you to stock up on lots of different ones but not spend a fortune doing it.

Given here in the UK you get stung with customs on anything over £15 it also meant you could get a good amount of sheets before hitting the customs threshold. That sadly, has now changed and you pay customs upfront on all International orders.

This order was placed before the change, and I was able to get 8 sheets of stickers for around £15! I noticed, the price of these sheets also have not increased in the four and a half years since my last order, which is incredible!


Let’s talk freebies first, and my order came with a lovely postcard and a mini sheet.

Keena Prints Etsy Shop Review

I do like receiving postcards with my orders, as they make great tip ins for my planner.

My order

I got a range of stickers with a few different characters. I don’t go for characters that necessarily look like me, I just pick my favourites.

Keena Prints Etsy Shop Review

These are the Keenachi* character. The ‘no coffee, no talkie’ are my favourites and will no doubt be used most Mondays!

Keena Prints Etsy Shop Review

These are the Lola* character and probably my favourite in the shop. The tired stickers in particular will be used a lot in my planner.

These stickers are fantastic quality

The sticker paper used is a nice paper that sticks well to my pages. The cuts are perfect and the printing high quality.

They’re a great size for both the Hobonichi Cousin or the Weeks, although the larger stickers on each sheet are a little large for those pages. They’re perfect for daily pages though.

This is a shop I come back to for good reason. Great stickers and great value and one I highly recommend. Even if you’re not a fan of character stickers, the shop* is filled with lots of functional stickers, too.