Stick With The Plan Co Etsy Shop Review

Hot on the heels of my Keena Prints post, I’m back with another sticker shop review!

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I absolutely love discovering new sticker shops. Especially if they’re based in the UK. I’m always slightly disappointed when I do find them though, as I’m always a bit like ‘where have I been?!’ It was like that for me when I found this shop, Stick with The Plan Co*. A UK based sticker shop selling some super cute planner stickers. The shop has been around for a while, so I genuinely don’t know how I’ve never come across them before.

Excited to find a new shop, I placed an order.

Stick With The Plan Co Etsy Shop

These stickers are really great value, coming in at £2 a sheet. They arrived printed and cut beautifully, on a high quality matte sticker paper.

I loved the little freebie sheet and the postcard that came with my order. This has been saved and will end up tipped into a planner at some point.


Postcards are definitely on my list to design for the shop, to go into orders.

I purchased two different kinds of stickers

The first, were the character stickers with the shops’ creation; Squidge*.

Stick With The Plan Co Etsy Shop Review

This is an adorable little character and these stickers appropriately signify my main lockdown moods – planning, eating junk, and being creative.

I also purchased some female character stickers, and with these, you can choose the hair colour which is a nice touch.

Stick With The Plan Co Etsy Shop Review

I’m gradually going blonde, but I still don’t feel ready to get stickers in blonde, as I’d feel like a fraud, so I stuck with brown.

I love these stickers and some of them are ones I haven’t necessarily found in a style I like before. The ‘chill time*’ and ‘declutter*’ ones are my favourite by far.

The stickers only come in one size, so if you’re planning in something like a Weeks, these probably won’t suit. But in my Cousin, they work perfectly.

If you want to take a look at them in relative size to my Cousin, I recently uploaded a ‘plan with me‘ in my Cousin on my YouTube channel and I use some of these stickers.

I cannot recommend this shop* highly enough

These stickers are all beautiful and really high quality, I know I’ll be making follow-up orders soon!