Hobonichi Ane Pouch 2023 Set Up

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll have likely seen one of the previous set up posts for the Ane Pouch

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I bought my first Ane pouch a few years ago and loved setting it up as a purse.

hobinichi ane pouch open

I quickly purchased the Mermaid fabric edition and moved into that. After a couple of years I decided to downsize my purse. I now use a passport TN and needed to think of another use for this pouch.

My Hobonichi Weeks is my go-to planner for nearly everything

I don’t use a huge amount of stickers in the Weeks. I keep my planning pretty simple in there. As such, I thought it would be nice to set up the Ane pouch as my Weeks planning companion. I liked the idea of having something that I could just grab that would have everything I need for my regular planning in there.

I’ve had this set up for a while now and really like it.

There’s nothing currently in the outside pocket, but I tend to use this as a handy location for any papers that don’t yet need filing away. As this pouch lives in the Raskog cart next to my desk, it’s an ideal spot just to pop something I’ll need to reference later, without just leaving it out on my desk.

Inside set up

This pouch holds loads. It has so many pockets once you open it up. If you’re like me and like to keep things separate, then you’ll like this pouch.

The large back pocket on one side holds all of my Suatelier stickers*. I love these little stickers in my Weeks. They’re perfect to add a bit of colour to the daily journalling I sometimes do in the planner.

The card pockets that come in the pouch are ideal to hold all my Kitta stickers*. I don’t use my Kitta much in the Weeks, but this is just the perfect storage solution for them.

The next section has some slightly larger pockets, which is where I keep extra post it notes and the Post It tabs* I use in my Weeks. I also have an Oli Clip* in there. I don’t keep anything else in this section, but there’s plenty of room for a little notebook or something.

In the zipped section I keep any tools any pens. At the moment it’s just tweezers and scissors, but I’ll generally have my highlighters in there too as I use these for colour coding my monthly pages.

Over the other side I keep overstocks of my trusty Midori Sticky Notes*. These fit the squares in the monthly view perfectly, so I use them to preplan or for anything I think my change.

The rest of the pockets then house more stickers. I have card sized stickers for functional icons and scripts that I frequently use in the Weeks. In the other back pocket I then just have a selection of other stickers. This is just a random selection of smaller decorative stickers that I may sometimes want to use in the pages of the Weeks.

I do love this pouch

I’ve tried a couple of the other Hobonichi drawer pouches in the past, but I haven’t really got on well with them. The set up and organisation of the Ane though is perfect. It’s also massively adaptable. From using as a purse, to a simple pencil case, this would also be ideal if I wanted to take some planning supplies away with me on holiday. My favourite thing about this pouch is you can really stuff it. Because it’s opens like an accordion folder, it has so much more stuffability than any other of the pouches in the line up.

Every year Hobonichi seem to expand their drawer pouch selection, so I’m sure this won’t be the last pouch I end up with.