My 2019 Planner Set Up Review

As we close out the year it’s time to review all the planners I used in 2019!

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If you want to compare how I started the year with how I ended, you can see my planner post from the start of the year here.

It’s fair to say that the stack has grown as the year went on. I started the year with just four, and ended with double that (one planner isn’t pictured above).

Hobonichi Weeks

I used three Hobonichi Weeks in 2019, This is a surprise considering sometimes I felt that I wasn’t really jelling with this kind of planner. The first one, which isn’t pictured above (as it’s in my locker) was my Navy Work Weeks.

I used this consistently throughout the year. However, in November I got a promotion and in this new role, the Weeks doesn’t work as well. For 2020, I’ve therefore moved into an A5 Nuuna Notebook as a bullet journal.

Another Weeks I used was my every day carry. I loved the yellow colour of this and it lived in my Drawer Pouch Ane. It took me to the end of the year to find my groove with this planner, and while I won’t be using one as an EDC in 2020, I will be using one as a bullet journal. My final Weeks was a cactus Weeks used as a health and fitness planner. Unfortunately my fitness tracking didn’t last throughout the year, but I consistently used this as a meal planner. The weekly pages are perfect for planning the three meals of each day, leaving the right hand side for a shopping list. This is the one Weeks that has stayed consistent and will be continuing into 2020.

This year, the Hobonichi Weeks finally appeared on Amazon* with Prime delivery. There’s not a huge amount of choice left so if you have a particular design in mind you’ll have to go to Hobonichi direct, or find one on Etsy*. I hope this means though that with Hobonichi becoming a little more popular, when it comes time to order my 2021 stack, I won’t have to order from Japan.

Hobonichi Cousin

This is the one planner that’s stayed consistent throughout 2019. It has and always will be my main planner. I do my main monthly and weekly planning in here. The daily pages have been used sparingly throughout the year and this is something I’ll be concentrating on improving in 2020. Had I known the Day Free* was coming to Amazon I probably would have purchased that instead.

Leuchtturm A5

This was a new addition around halfway through the year. I purchased this beautiful yellow notebook whilst on holiday. Once home, I had to find a use for it.

This became primarily a goal planner. I also later added in social media and blog planning. I had been previously using the daily pages of the Cousin for that, but preferred the blank canvas of the LT1917 pages. I’ve only used around 30 pages of this, so it’ll be continuing into 2020.

Stalogy B6

Another new addition halfway through the year. I had no use for this but I’d always wanted to try B6 size. As you can purchase these quite cheaply from Amazon Japan, I ordered one. This was used for a short period of time as a blog planner. It hasn’t really worked as I haven’t enjoyed having yet another planner to refer to. I’m not sure what this will be used for in 2020. Due to the set up of the pages it’s definitely better suited as a daily planner.

Filofax Personal

I missed rings! But I knew I couldn’t use them as a regular planner. Instead, this is used a place to keep all the information that doesn’t change from year to year. In here I keep addresses, birthdays and shop and blog info amongst a few others things. It’s basically everything I wouldn’t want to transfer from a Cousin every year. I’ve done a new set up of this for 2020 and so a set up post is coming to the blog soon.

How does your planner line up differ from the start of the year?

I’d love to start and end a year with the same planners, but I just don’t think it will happen. That would only happen if I did a year long stationery no buy (which isn’t on the cards!). Let me know in the comments how many planners you started and ended the year with!