March Stationery Wishlist

Back again with another wishlist!

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I’m starting to think about holidays this year. After so many weeks of awful weather, plotting a lovely Summer holiday is the perfect tonic. Therefore, a lot of this month’s list will be prepping for the trip around Europe I’m hoping to take this year.

To start though, I need to talk about the new Hobonichi releases!

I absolutely love my Hobonichi Ane Drawer pouch. It’s my purse and I carry it with me nearly all the time. This was the third style of Drawer Pouch that they released and since then they’ve released two new styles. The Drawer Pouch Pocket and the Drawer Pouch Container. The Container in particular, is perfect for carrying make up on holiday. If they’d released this in the Mermaid style that matches the one I already have, I’d have snapped one up already. Unfortunately they haven’t, so I’ll have to have a think about which design I prefer, or hold out for some more designs being released.

Sticking with the Hobonichi theme, I’ve been trying to do more journaling in my Cousin.

Some days I find it easy to write. Other days I just find myself writing about my day and it’s a bit dull. I’ve since discovered LSW Mind Cards*. These are daily prompt cards containing a tool or task to help with your well being. I feel like these would be perfect to use as a journaling prompt to get me feeling comfortable writing more in my Cousin. I’m hoping after using these for a few weeks, I’ll find journaling a lot easier to do.

Image from LSW Mind Cards

These are just £15* and might be just the thing I need to get those daily pages in my Cousin used up!

Despite not having much success with Travelers Notebooks in the past, I’ve had an itch to purchase one.

If you read my January Stationery Wishlist you’ll know I’ve wanted a new one for a while.

I recently realised I wanted a smaller one to take with me on holiday. Ideally something that would hold my tickets, passport and money, but not take up a huge amount of room. The regular size I have is probably a bit too large for that. After comparing all the sizes I decided a passport one was what I needed! I then discovered a lovely shop called Oribu Shop. Not only does it have a great range of notebooks and covers, it also has a leather wallet insert.

Image from Oribu Shop

I knew this would be perfect to use to carry all the little items I needed while I was travelling. After looking around I’ve decided to also purchase the notebook itself from this shop too. I loved the simple style of this notebook cover*.

Obviously I’ll also need some inserts for this new TN.

When it comes to quality paper, I love the paper from Crafty Ali Cat*. I’ll be picking up these inserts with a white small dot grid to go in this new TN. I’m hoping I can fit two inserts in here – one for the trip plans, and another for memories and journaling while I’m away.

Have you got anything on your wishlist at the moment? Let me know in the comments!