Daily Planning in my Hobonichi Cousin

As I don’t use my Hobonichi Cousin for work, the daily pages rarely get used.

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I mainly use the daily pages as collections; notes or planning general things. I only really do actual daily planning on the weekends, or days off.

hobonichi cousin daily page

My natural planning style is basically lists. Lots of lists. The daily pages are perfect for that as there’s so much space.

I’m not the most creative of people, but I like using a bit of colour to brighten up the pages.

hobonichi cousin daily page

I find stickers from Sugarloop* to be perfect for my daily pages. Most of the stickers in the spread above are from there. The little watercolour shapes* are my favourite in my particular. The daily pages are also perfect for using stickers that I have in my stash that are too large for my weekly pages.

hobonichi daily pages

The daily pages are where I also finally got around to using the Kitta* I’ve been hoarding for a while. They’re perfect for segmenting the pages.

hobonichi cousin journalling

The only element of the daily pages I’ve struggled to get the hang of is the hourly part. I use these on weekend days when I don’t have appointments or plans (there’s a lot of those at the moment). So mainly, I’m just planning out when to do everything on my to do list. One thing I’ve found from doing this is that I have no gauge of how long things take. I either try and cram in too much, or give myself not enough to do.

hobonichi cousin daily layout

Some days, I just plot out the bare bones of the day. I really enjoy the layout above, separating out my tasks by category.

hobonichi cousin two daily pages example

My favourite part of the daily pages is that you clearly separate the different parts of it. The top left for my schedule, the top right for my to do list, and the bottom for any notes. On a Sunday I usually use the bottom to do a brain dump of the following week and everything I need to do. Where I use the bottom section for notes I might want to refer back to, I pop a blue Coco Fusen tab* on the bottom on the page (you can see them on the bottom left of the image above). I then refer to these when planning out my week. When I’m done with that note/to do, I remove the tab.

Last week, I decided to try out planning in the A6 Original.

hobonichi techo original daily planning

I can utilise the daily pages in the A6 in a similar way to the Cousin. However, there is nowhere near enough space for everything I use the dailies for. In particular, there’s no space at the bottom for my notes or anything I want to write.

If you have the opposite issue and don’t have enough to-dos or notes for the dailies; there a few alternative ways you can fill up those pages.

hobonichi cousin jounal pages

My favourite is a bit of journaling. It’s something I trialled last year and quite liked it. The bottom half of the pages are perfect for it. Memories of the day, pictures or just some contemplation.

How do you use the daily pages in your Hobonichi? If you have a Weeks, do you use the notes pages as dailies?

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