Hobonichi Weeks Set Up 2021 [Update]

Well, it’s been a while!

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Life kind of got busy the past couple of months. Between starting a new job and the UK opening up, meaning I could get out with my boyfriend and friends more, I’ve not had a huge amount of time to dedicate to the blog or YT. When I started getting busier, I also recognised my Cousin wasn’t really working for me as a daily planner anymore.

As I was going to be back into the office full time, I needed an on the go planner again. Knowing that I wouldn’t have the time to plan in two planners, I made the decision to move all my day-to-day planning back into the Weeks.

In case you missed it at the start of the year, my Weeks was supposed to be a health and fitness planner.

I still wanted to track my health and fitness, so I made sure this was still incorporated into my new set up.

The set up

First up, I removed the Cork cover I was using with the Weeks. I wanted the Weeks to live back in my Ane pouch that I use as a purse, and it wouldn’t have fit with the cover on.

hobonichi weeks clear cover

I went back to an old clear cover on cover I had from a previous year.

The CoC doesn’t come with a closure, but the page keeper* works to keep the planner closed. The decoration is kept simple; a small Oli clip* and a vinyl decal.

Opening it up, I’ve got this set up pretty functionally.

hobonichi weeks front cover

Inside the front pocket, I’ve got some Kitta*. I love using Kitta to add a bit of decoration to my pages. I then have a holo sticker from Beedoo & Co*. Finally, I always have sticky notes and page flags, so I’ve some Midori* and Coco Fusen* ones. Coco Fusen page flags are my all-time favourite. They’re pretty, thin, durable and stay sticky for an absolute age.

Next up. I have an adhesive pocket with some icon stickers in.

hobonichi weeks set upThese are my most used stickers in my Weeks. Small and functional.

Planning pages

I’ve kept the yearly overview page the same, tracking my daily exercise.

hobonichi weeks year at a glance

I’m loving how this spread in turning out. I can’t wait to look back on a full year of it. (I should point out that I took this picture when I first re-set this planner up, I definitely did do some exercise in July!)

The year on two pages, is also unchanged and is still tracking my weight.

hobonichi weeks year on two pages

I actually hit my goal weight in June, which I was so happy about! I’m now just focusing on maintenance/not putting any weight back on now I’m back in the office full time.

The monthly pages have changed quite a bit.

hobonichi weeks monthly pages

This planner is all about function. There are some stickers, but it’s mainly about pen and using my Hobonichi pen, specifically. This is definitely evolving the more I use it, and for July I set it up with habit trackers and monthly task lists. If you want to see an update for July, I’ll be sharing it up on my Instagram some time this week.

I did something in this planner I never thought I would.

I tried pen only planning, and actually liked it.

Hobonichi Weeks Set Up 2021

Okay, so this spread had three stickers, but for me, it’s basically pen only.

I’ve been really enjoying functional layouts in my Weeks. They’ve definitely evolved over the weeks, and a few more stickers are creeping in.

hobonichi weeks weekly pages

It’s still super functional though, and doesn’t take a lot of time to set up each Sunday evening. That’s basically what I wanted out of this move, something that could leave me feeling organised, even if I only had ten minutes to set up/plan my week.

Current set up is as follows:

  • First column on the left is for all plans
  • The largest part of the left-hand side is for all day specific tasks
  • The first column on the right is for weather, step counts, exercise tracking, meal planning and calories for the day
  • Then, I have a running to-do list of everything that doesn’t have a set day to complete, with a simple habit tracker underneath

This is the first time I’ve really enjoyed properly planning in my Weeks. I don’t know if I’ve just found a layout that works, or if it’s because I’m just too busy to do full Cousin layouts, but I’m not complaining!

The notes pages are pretty much as they were in my old set up

First up are my budget planning pages. I’m still using Avery tabs* to mark the important parts of the notes section.

planner tabs

Behind that, I also have sections for order tracking and shop expense tracking.

I then have three pages, marked with a tab and a cute little sticker.

First, I have meal ideas. This is really simple, and more to help me with simple recipes when I’m struggling to think of meals. Hobonichi Weeks Set Up 2021

Next, I have a running (non food) shopping list/wishlist.

Hobonichi Weeks Set Up 2021

Finally, I have a life to-do list (big tasks that live on here before they get moved into my weeklies)

Hobonichi Weeks Set Up 2021

At the back of the planner, I’ve got yet more functional stickers tucked in

hobonichi weeks set up 2021

Even though I don’t use loads of stickers in this, I like having them to hand.

I think I’ve been in this new set up around two months now, and I love it

After thinking that I was never going to make the Weeks work for me (I was debating not getting one next year), I’ve managed to find a new planner peace with one!

Have you switched up your planner set up for the second half of the year? Let me know in the comments!